The Cludder - Clutter Ladder for Your Sims' Homes

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Uploaded: 31st Mar 2010 at 12:31 PM
Updated: 30th Mar 2010 at 9:52 PM

Ever look at an ordinary ladder and say to yourself: "boy this ladder sure is boring, it needs some stuff on it!"? Look no further! The Cludder Clutter Ladder will increase the environment in your sims homes, but only if you place decorative objects on here (with a slot located on each step), maybe a radio, too. It uses timeless repository technology so recoloring is a breeze. No need to re-re-recolor everything, just recolor the original object. The object also comes handy with a "can o' plant," once super-glued to the ladder itself. Talk about restoring THAT woodwork.

As an added bonus you get the "Can o' Nothing," simply a can with the plant ripped out of it. Use it for garbage, replanting, cigg butts, or nothing at all.*

You can find "The Cludder" under: Surfaces > Miscellaneous
The "Can o' Plant" under: Decorative > Plants
The "Can o' Nothing" under: Decorative > Sculptures

[size=1]*Not guaranteed[/size]

Known issues:
Sims enjoy impailing themselves on this object when using the telephone or any object that has some sort of close interaction. It is reccomended to still use a table for telephones, but a radio is fine!

Polygon Counts:
canoflowers.package: Can o' Flowers - 389
fway-canONothing.package: Can o' Nothing - 44
fway-TheCludder.package: The Cludder - 568

Additional Credits:
Plasticbox - for the plant above the radio from her mix-n-match plant set.
Leesester & HugeLunatic - for their tutorials on slots!
Ignorantbliss because her repository technique tutorial always helps me remember how to use it correctly.
Everyone in #create who helped along with this. You know who you are.
The creators and devs of SimPE of course.