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Non-Age Discriminatory Werewolf Savage

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Uploaded: 5th Apr 2010 at 4:58 AM
Age discrimination begone! Now your Werewolf sims can properly savage sims of other eligible age groups. That is, any werewolf sim who is teen or older can savage any non-wolf sim who is teen or older.

This is the first mod that I have distributed, and probably one of the simplest, since all I had to do was change one parameter in the entire BHAV!

Not compatible with poifectly_poiple's Child Lycanthropy Hack, as his makes changes to the same BHAV to allow for Child Savaging. Untested with BV, FT, AL, or M&G since my computer can't handle it currently. That said, I don't forsee any problems. If there are problems do not hesitate to inform me.

~Sacred Nym

Thanks to:
Treeag for his Sim Transformer, which was very helpful in testing.
Quaxi, for SimPE.