Gefrey Culpeper: The Goode & Able Apothecarie

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Sim Info:
Age = Elder
Traits = Technophone/Bookworm/Green Thumb/Kleptomaniac/Vegetarian
Favourites = French Music/Stu Surprise/Lilac

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"And thou shalt make it an oil of holy ointment, an ointment compound after the art of the apothecary: it shall be an holy anointing oil."
- Exodus 30:25

Born in the English town of Drynke by the Shawe, Gefrey was an unexceptional child. He was chubby, with no apparent talents, presumably destined to become a swineherd. He was the least comely of seven children, and his family largely ignored him except for his labour. At 14-years-old he joined an apprenticeship with an unsavoury charlatan, learning to sell all sorts of snake oils to the poorest people of England. This approach never sat right with Gefrey, and each town he and his master visited he would converse with genuine healers. Gradually he built up knowledge about the observed effects of herbs and potions. From the dull sludge of his youth, he emerged quite an intelligent man, although still nothing to look at. Leaving his master finally, he vowed to begin his own apothecary practice. His young life was spent travelling alone, researching arcane and unusual herbs and minerals: flame plants, pomegranate, poisonous love apples, and the elusive soulpeace gem. In his 44th year - a feat of great longevity for the times - he is a jowly, pudgy man. Recently he has settled back in Drynke by the Shawe, opening a shop on a small estate left to him by his late cousin. Though he serves the peasants of the region well with his tonics and ointments, he has turned his hand towards scribery and research in his old age. He wishes to record, on vellum, all his learnings. And he may have a last adventure in him yet: He has still never found a skull-cut piece of the soulpeace gem for his specially constructed cabinet.

I'm very aware that this sim is somewhat pudding-faced. He's really supposed to be: He's the pudgy old guy you might see in a medieval English pub. However, he has more in common with the publican than the patrons. I have worked over his face extensively, but he is more a sim to appeal to players who want a unique and detailed backstory, than a sim for players who want an exceptional face. His plainess is, indeed, part of his story.

Custom Content:

- HP's Subtle Glance Eye Replacements
- HP's Increased Shine
- Aikea Guinea's Default Face Replacements for Males.
- Papercat's Freckle Face.
- Papercat's Lip Lines.
-Awesome Mod's increased sliders from MATY.

The telescope pictured above is - Galileo's Observer from The Sims Store.