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Alfi Lied: Backswept Short Curly Hair (Nouk Remix)

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Uploaded: 5th Apr 2010 at 1:25 AM

Yessir. I have proven myself wrong twice over now. There are now more than one cropped curly hair bits for your mens.
I may have lost my laptop and most of my files, but I haven't lost my passion for pretty curly hair. This mesh demanded to be recolored from scratch. Tom v4.0 was persuaded to dye his hair for the occasion. He's more surly than v3.0 and v2.0 and certainly v1.0, so he refused to dye his beard.

(Aka, I'm too lazy to make recolors of the unfinished fuzzies for screenshots.)

I've never understood how this hair keeps getting recolored in such a repetitive way. Copy paste on every plane, every time. Not this time. Nope, I colored every plane proper to make pretty curls. Not as shiny a texture as the last couple I've done. I'm going to say that was on purpose, as a I was working toward a dirtier style to begin with and shiny looked dumb.

What you get:
The four natural colors binned with a white
White recolor in custom bin
Mesh included-- Hugs to Nouk <3

Skin, make-up, eyes, brows, fuzzies, shirt, walls and sim are all mine. Forgive me the blurry fuzzies, they're not done.

Three quarters credit to Pooklet. Because I used her actions on the blond, brown, and black. Then I edited the heck out of the red.

Terms of use: Please ask before using my textures, but please use my textures. I want to see more curly hair.