4 New HOT Tattoos For Females

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Uploaded: 8th Apr 2010 at 7:59 PM
Updated: 8th Jul 2011 at 3:01 PM

Greetings to All!

Heh, I never wrote something like that before...kinda funny.
Ok, let me start over.

Hi Guys!
Now that's very me. :P

Well, I know it's been a while since the last time I made tattoos.
I think it was last year before Christmas. I thought I've more than enough tattoos (to open a tattoo shop :P) so I don't need to make them anymore. But I've seen a lot of people use my tats for their upload/project and I'm very happy, excited (of course :P) so I decided to make more.

Anywayyyy, I have these tattoos sitting in my folder for months. Yes, I'm serious. I've been keeping all of these for myself! (Whoah, that's mean NewOne! How could you?!) Yeah, yeah I know. Sorry about that.

So now I'm being generous. I'm sharing these with you. Happy? Good.

Off topic, I named one of these tats 'Hot Wings'. It has wings on it.
I was hungry when I made these so I was thinking about food. Then out of the blue the name Hot Wings came to my mind. (Me being creative when I was hungry)
Also if you notice, the pic on very top 'Hot Tattoos' almost sounds like 'Hot Tacos', doesn't it?...or maybe just me, lols. (Taco Bell is Heaven :P)

Btw, that pic is muy caliente! I love how it turned out looks good.

Oopsie, I forget...
Some of you maybe don't know or never heard of Taco. Oh well, just Google it. It won't take five minutes to find out. :P

Now on topic, I made all these from real tattoos.
They're all recolorable so you can go crazy recolor them with any color you want. Just like I did in pics. Plus I made custom thumbnail (they're super cute!) so you'll find these tats very easy in CAS. No need to wild guess.

There's 4 Tattoos:

+ Hot Wings +
+ Double Flowers +
+ Guns & Flowers +
+ The Key To My Heart +

Again, these are RECOLORABLE for Teen - Elder. All category outfits.

Just to make it clear, I used the socks slot so your sims cannot have these with socks.

As always..
Enjoy and Happy Simming, Everyone!



CAS Thumbnail
Check out these pretties! ^^

Additional Credits: CTU Team for the tool
My model Alice <3
for letting me take pics of her butt gazillion times.