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Uploaded: 10th Apr 2010 at 7:41 PM
Control over food and fridges and replicators for the sake of machinima. Create the right food you need for your movie at any time. Change almost every cosmetic aspect of created food and food trays. Behold the power of FoodeX!

What is this mod?
  • This is a Tuning Injection Mod
  • This mod should run with ALL VERSIONS of the game, BUT IT HAS ONLY BEEN TESTED ON VERSION 3.2.8
  • This mod should not conflict with any other core mods or tuning mods, but it has not been tested to ensure this.
  • If the mod is not working, make sure your framework is functioning correctly. Read the instructions below, put all the necessary files in the correct places, and restart your game. If this mod still fails to function in your game, then you may post about your problem.

What does this mod do?
This mod allows you to manipulate several aspects of already existing plates of food, snacks, and pizza. The aspects of the food that you can set will depend on the kind of the food that you click, with pizza being the most limited, followed by snacks, and then plates and serving platters with the most options.
This mod also adds the same options to every fridge and food replicator, with an additional interaction to create food with the specified criteria, and then animate the sim removing it. Doing this will not deplete the limits of the fridges and food replicators, so you don’t have to worry about ruining your food supplies and breaking your expensive replicators for the sake of your movie.

The following interactions are added to every fridge, food replicator, food plate, serving platter, snack, pizza, and food cooking tray in the game, but which of the options are available is dependent on the type of food clicked.
  • Generate and Carry Food: Available on every fridge and food replicator, this interaction spawns a plate of food that follows the criteria you have set with the other interactions, and animates the sim retrieving or replicating it.
    Generating food will not deplete the ingredients in the fridge or charge you money, and it will not decrease the number of times a food replicator can replicate food, so you don’t have to worry about destroying the very expensive food replicator to make your Star Trek machinima.
    If you have my Chaos Carrier mod installed also, the sim will enter a Carry Object Posture after generating the food and will hold it indefinitely until you tell them to put it down, which is useful for machinima.
    This mod was originally just an extension of the Chaos Carrier mod, but as the options grew, I decided to make it a mod in its own right.
  • Display Food Settings: Available on the food items mentioned above, this interaction creates a notification displaying all the current settings of the food item or the criteria for spawning new food from fridges and food replicators.
  • Set Recipe… Allows you set the recipe of the food item or the food to be generated to any recipe in the game, no matter what your sim’s cooking skills are. In the case of individual food items, the item itself disappears for a split second as it is swapped out with a food item that shares all the other settings, but has a different recipe. You can turn any kind of food into any other kind of food, from cold cereal to lobster thermidor.
  • Set Food State… Allows you to set a food’s current state between Cooked, Burnt, and Uncooked, which will vary based on what you click. Changing a Food Cooking Tray’s state to Cooked or Burnt will swap it out with the finished and fully prepared food, while setting a plate or platter’s state to Uncooked will do the opposite. When switching between the Cooked and Burnt states on the food plate or platter, the food prop on the dish is all that’s swapped out, not the entire food item.
  • Set Spoiled State: Sets whether or not the food is spoiled and starts or stops the spoiled effects (green vapors, flies, etc), which is useful for machinima.
  • Should Sim Ponder?: Available on the fridge only, this sets whether or not a sim plays the “Ponder” animations before removing the spawned food from the fridge shelf.
  • Set Amount Left… Sets the amount food left on the plate or serving platter. If it is set to a higher amount, the food will disappear for a split second as it is swapped out with food with the same settings but a larger amount of available food to be eaten. Resetting the amount of food left on the plate affects both its appearance and the actual amount of food units that a sim can consume, so that you don’t have to waste takes generating new food if you don’t get the right shot while your sim is eating it.
    The Used and Empty amounts are only different for the Pizza Box. They are the same for all other foods.
  • Set Quantity… Available on fridges, food replicators, and food cooking trays, this sets whether or not the food generated or prepared will be a single plate or a serving platter (group plate).
  • Set Quality… Sets the quality of the food to horrifying, perfect, or any quality between them. The simplest of changes, this setting only makes a cosmetic change when it comes to the intensity of the spoiled effects, but I could be wrong. Experiment around and find out.
  • Set Pizza Box is Opened: Available on fridges, food replicators, and pizza boxes, this sets whether or not the pizza box clicked or to be generated is already opened up or if its closed and a sim needs to open it.
  • Destroy Contained Food: Available on all plates and serving platters, this interaction destroys the food prop on the plate or platter, making it spotless.
  • Respawn Contained Food: Available on all plates and serving platters, this interaction respawns the food prop that has been destroyed by the above interaction or some other game code.

And that is about all there is to this mod. It is relatively simple, but the code behind food is surprisingly complex, especially the cooking sequences behind preparing. I’m not planning on getting into those, since they are just too complex for this time of year when I have little free time. I’m surprised I found the time to add this many options already to this mod, and I really hope that it was worth it to the community.