Medieval "must haves" New meshes/Medieval Challenge

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This download is part of the Medieval Creator Challenge
Uploaded: 18th Apr 2010 at 2:08 PM
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Here is my humble contribution to the Medieval/Renaissance Challenge: These are two kind of objects indispensable in this period of austerity and almost absence of decoration: big tapestries to cover those freezer walls and a chest to keep the household stuff.

This time I wanted to offer an object not only for medieval sims, but also for their sim heirs My objects are turning older "as time goes by". Yes you can, not recolor them, but "decolor" them overlaying with a pattern channel, changing the material and the color itself in a subtle way...

There are three new meshes but four objects in total, 1 of a big tapestry in two different packages, depending on the possibility of recoloring textures, 1 of a medium sized tapestry with decoloration possibilities inside and the final 1 of a carved chest, also "decolorable".

Set description:

The Tapestries: There are two meshes carriying a LOT of high resolution textures. Warning, these are big sized packages. The Nanitapizmedio (1600 simoleons) is the smaller with 4 non recolorables original textures and the same 4 with a channel to... decolorate. Yes, you can overlay it with a pattern getting an effect of aged, distressed, rusty or what you want to do with your legacy object. For the other mesh, the bigger, I prefered to make two separate packages, the Nanitapizgrande (1650 simoleons) with the original non recolorable colors, and the Nanitapizviejo (1650 simoleons) with the same textures to distress by yourself. Choose one or another, of both, they are different objects in game. Located in Buy Mode, Decoration, Paintings.

The chests: Oh, What to do in the Middle Age and in the Renaissance without them? These are my favourite objects and I enjoyed a lot meshing, moulding and carving them. Nanimedievalchest (245 simoleons) is a simple low poly mesh, decolorable in one channel in the same way than the tapestries, the just for aging purposes. Located in Buy Mode, Coffee tables.

Polygon Counts:

Nanitapizmedio: 290 vertex/448 faces
Nanitapizgrande: 290 vertex/448 faces
Nanitapizviejo: 290 vertex/448 faces
Nanimedievalchest: 100 vertex/84 faces

Additional Credits:
My gratitude to ModTheSims for this challenge, it is a pleasure to see so many people interested in historical themes and so many creators spreading out their medieval talents!

My gratitude and my duty to my friends Luna and Demonic encouraging me and helping me to make and improve such things.