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Blacksmith Crafting Station and Suit-of-Armor Servo!

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This download is part of the Medieval Creator Challenge
Uploaded: 17th Apr 2010 at 12:56 AM
Another contest, another half-entry from Phae. I'm starting to think I'm not very good at time management... that or being out sick for the last week and thinking I still had another day are at fault... whatevs.

Do your Medieval Sims lack vocation? Do they keep begging for a robot crafting station and you have to keep telling them that it isn't 'period' and that they are ruining your story? Do you like to play with Servos but they *just don't fit* in your hood? Well no more!

I bring with me a custom crafting station! Sadly, I didn't have time to make it craft custom stuff, so right now it still just makes robots. This crafting table does not replace the robot station, I did manage to get all the self-referencing BHAVs straightened out beforehand. And its animated! The cauldron raises up and dumps out a hunk of metal for your black smithing sim to work on. He (or she) will bang away at it until they have a nice little magic metal demon (see also 'robot').

In addition to this, I have created a Default Replacement of the Servo. When your Blacksmith has enough skills he can create a suit of armor and enchant it to come alive. These work well as Royal Guards. They aren't nearly as 'whiney' as regular sims and they do as they are ordered. These defaults will replace ALL servos, not just new ones. Male and female Knights are distinguished by different colored feathers. Vampire, Werewolf, and Witch Knights have different colored face shields. (If you don't have the EP that these were introduced with you still won't have them, but it won't mess up your game to download mine.)

I had planned to replace all the craftables with interesting metalworks, and they would not be defaults. It turns out that the code in these tables are VERY complex, and I found out I only had four hours left before I had to have this completed. It was kinda like 'oh, ...frick'. Anyways, what I have for you does completely work, its just not the complete idea. Have fun with it! I may or may not finish this, it was a side project specifically for the challenge, and we all know how many of my half finished challenge entries I've gone back and completed... >.<


My First Time: Trying to make custom craftables

Previous Knowledge: Meshing and defaulting

Compatibility: You need OFB, but that's all.

Nitty-gritty: Please don’t upload any of my creations anywhere, they are my toys to share, but I want to be the one to share them. If you use them in a lot you upload, please link back to me instead of including it. Thanks for respecting my Terms of Use!

Polygon Counts:
Verts:Too Many Faces (~3700)

You'll find the blacksmith bench in Hobbies > Misc for $2000.

Additional Credits:
Lee and HL for all their help and encouragement
and Alexander Goth for allowing me to convince him that he needs a few more suits of armor clunking around the mansion...