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Little Ballerina-New MESH + 9 Recolors

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Uploaded: 3rd May 2010 at 8:26 PM

Here is another set for ballerinas, now a version for little girls - children age group.

The Mesh is made by me and it is included in zip-file together with 9 recolors.
It is conversion of Maxis ballerina mesh for adults from Free Time E.P., but for this set F.T. is not required.
I added more lace also on back part and changed the shape of neckline, as I think it is more suitable for little girls.
The mesh has working fat morph.

All recolors are categorized as athletic wear and also everyday wear. If you do not have Free Time installed, they will appear only in everyday category.

Maxis color:

pink, white, yellow, violet:

blue, black, green, rose:

Note for creators:
If you want to recolor this mesh I added also UV-MAP texture as separate Zip-file. You can include my mesh together with your recolors but only on free sites.

My version for adult and young adult ballerinas is here
for teens here
and for toddlers here

Credits for hairstyles:
XM-Sims -free
PeggyZone -free(page 14)

Polygon Counts:
vertices: 1497
faces: 2058

Additional Credits:
Thanks to all creators of SimPe, MilkShape, Wes H for UniMesh Plugins, Gimp 2, Wardrobe Wrangler.