Music To My Ears: Four Musical Earrings for Ladies

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Uploaded: 19th May 2010 at 1:49 AM
Updated: 16th Mar 2017 at 1:53 PM

Sim ladies are, tragically, lacking an essential commodity. Food? Shelter? Variation in their shopping and dining destinations? Nay, earrings!

It is my humble opinion that there is no greater jewellery than earrings. Rings and bangles get in the way when you're writing, nose piercings make the concept of sneezing one to be avoided at all costs, and necklaces bounce off your boobs and hit you in the face when you're running for the bus (at least they do if you're me). Enter the earring - pretty, unobtrusive, and distracts attention from your hair on those days when it appears to be magnetic.

And so, I bring to you four new earrings for your sim ladies to wear, on a musical theme. All of these are available for ladies aged teen to elder, in all categories except naked, including random and maternity.

First up are Note and - by far my favourite - Treble Clef.

Both come in classic gold, dashing silver, or daring spots (it's not leopard print, damnit), and are of course fully recolourable - see below.

On a more Claire's Accessories theme, the instruments: Piano Key and Guitar.

Both have 3D effect texture details, although some patterns and colours will obscure the details - hardly the end of the world, as I'm not totally sure that my including strings, frets and knobby bits on the guitar was entirely necessary.

As previously mentioned, all earrings are fully recolourable. There is a little bit of colour bleeding between the hook and the body on Treble Clef and Guitar - however you can't see it unless you zoom in close enough to need a no fade hack to avoid looking through your simmie's head.

Treble Clef: Two channels, the hook and the body.
Piano Key: Three channels; the hook, the natural (white) keys, and the sharp (black) key.
Guitar: Three channels; the hook, the body of the guitar, and the neck.
Note: Two channels, left earring and right earring (I wear odd socks, so why not odd earrings?).

You'll probably find that you're somewhat limited in the patterns that look good on these - tiny patterns are microscopic, and complex patterns just look messy. In general, big patterns with simple motifs look best; and colours that are very similar to each other tend to blend into one - not that you'll ever notice ingame.

All earrings have custom thumbnails for easy identification in CAS. They all work well with various different ear sizes, as demonstrated in the attached picture. You might get floating or sinking earrings if you go bananas with a slider hack, but in that situation I have absolutely no sympathy - and weird looking earrings will be the least of Dumbo's problems.

Retexture, remesh, rehash, reconstitute, convert, include, whatever... just keep it on free sites, and give me credit, with a link to this page or to my profile.
If you want to edit this, you can find meshes (ms3d) and textures (psd) in my journal.

Polygon Counts:
Treble Clef: 816
Note: An overwhelming 88
Piano Key: 220
Guitar: 502

I have not included LOD2 or LOD3s, as by the time you've zoomed out far enough for either to kick in you'd need a microscope to spot earrings anyway.

Additional Credits:
Thankyou to Delphy and jonha, for the wonderful CTU; wes, for the Milkshape plugins; and generally everyone else who has made this possible. Thanks to Dj, my roomie, for allowing me to steal his flute pieces to copy the shapes of the notes - and not least, a big thankyou to Frenchie of Zeus & Sons, whose mangli-interpretation of Euterpe inspired this set about, oh, ten versions ago.

All my models are using LadyFrontbum's Busty St. Lusty skintones, and -Shady-'s Multicolour Eyes.
Most of my models are using LadyFrontbum's Candy Crush eyeshadow, and a few are wearing Bing's Half Nerdy Glasses.
Morgana's hair (the teenager with The Nose) is Nouk Office Chick by Gelydh at Club Crimsyn; Alisha (pink haired nutjob) sports HP's Nouk Sport (har har, geddit?) Hair; and incidentally the stylish Victoria, in the glasses, is wearing HP's Whipped Cream lipstick.