Updated: Versatile Glass Shelving:5 levels/2 choices of uprights. Freestanding or for walls.

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Uploaded 24th May 2010 at 4:48 PM · Updated 6th Aug 2010 at 2:12 PM by orangemittens : Added shadow-free meshes

**Updated to add a set of shelves which have no shadow. These will overwrite the original set so you can only have one of the sets in your game at a time. The shadow-free set is identical to the original set in every way except that the shelves will cast no shadow indoors or outside.**

This is a glass shelving system that works as a freestanding shelf or will go on walls. It will not require a cheat to use as shown in the pictures. It has two choices of upright support, a single upright panel (works for both sides of the corresponding shelf) or a cylindrical bar (one mesh, two cylindrical bars). The set contains 5 glass shelves, 4 glass upright panels, & 4 double cylindrical bars.

Other items can be placed under the shelves & each shelf has 5 slots. This system will mix and match with my solid Versatile Shelves. In game pictures:

A picture showing how the cylinder bars tile is below. They have a single recolorable channel while the glass is not recolorable. Each component is located in Buy/Surfaces/Miscellaneous and costs $10.

The shelves look good with a variety of styles and are meant for the indoors. If you use them outside they need shade to make their shadow look completely right.

Mesh Names:
Glass shelves - Shelf_GlassV1-V5
Glass uprights - Shelf_GlassVU2-VU5
Cylindrical bars - ShelfBars_VU2-VU5

Picture credits: little animals - HazuiTokage (MTS), vase with orange flower - BabaYaga (MTS), photos, bottles, books, magazines - LemonCandy (MTS).

Thank you to all the people in the Meshing/Object Creation forums here who have helped me learn to mesh for S3.

Polygon Counts:
Glass Shelf - Vertices 42 Faces 64
Glass Upright Panel - Vertices 42 Faces 64
Cylindrical Bar Uprights - Vertices 310 Faces 164

Additional Credits:
Wes Howe - S3ObjTool
Inge & Peter Jones - S3OC & S3PE

Style: Retro Contemporary Modern
Room: Kitchen Living Dining Bedroom Bathroom Study
Maxis Flags: Not Applicable

Tags: #shelf, #shelving, #glass shelf, #glass shelving