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6 Fanseelamb K&B Silky Robe Recolours.

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Uploaded: 29th May 2010 at 11:05 PM
When I saw that Fanseelamb had made the K&B robes without the bottoms and shoes I just had to have them, but then I got greedy and wanted more recolours. So I've made some!!

I've done two versions. One where the main robe is coloured and the cuffs and tie are black and one where the main robe
is black and the cuffs and tie are coloured.

You need to go get Fanseelambs Mesh for these to work, so go get it if you haven't already!!

These are for Adult/Young Adult and are Sleepwear only.

Each file is named According to Colour.

Additional Credits:
Hair On Models-Fanseelamb