Hot Air Balloon Wallpaper & Matching Paints.

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Uploaded: 15th Jun 2010 at 2:55 PM
Updated: 25th Feb 2016 at 12:08 AM
This upload includes two hot air balloon wallpapers and two matching sky blue paints. One wallpaper and paint has a white base board, and the other one does not. All four wall coverings are included in the attached .rar, but they are clearly names so that you can pick and choose which ones you want.

This first picture is a close up (closeish, anyway!) of the wallpaper and paint with a base board (is base board American? I call it a skirting board):

This next one is a very close-up shot of the wallpaper.

This sceenshot shows how I used the wallpaper and paint in a simple bedroom. All the other stuff in the screenshot is by Maxis (mainly BG and the Ikea SP, I think), except for the window, which is by moune999 and can be found here (as part of a set).

Personally I'd be inclined to use these wall coverings in a bedroom (maybe even a child's bedroom?) or maybe in a kitchen. The idea behind the wallpaper & matching paint is that you can use the wallpaper for a feature wall, and cover the other walls using the paint. I think that I watch too many house design programmes on tv! :-D I am becoming fond of this method of sim house decorating though, so I intend to make some more wallpaper/matching paint sets soon, which I'll upload, if anyone's interested! :-)

Oh, incidentally, the wallpapers can be found in game under Build... Wall Coverings..... Wallpaper..... The paints can be found under Build..... Wallcoverings.... Paint..... I seem to recall that the wallpapers cost 10 Simoleans and the paints 5 Simoleans.

You may upload these with your lots etc, but please give me credit for them. Please do not claim that these wall coverings are your own work. Because, well, they're not! The original hot air balloon image is one that I found using Google, and as such the copyright for that is retained by the original designer/owner, I guess!

I hope that you and your sims enjoy these wallpapers and paints! :-D Please don't forget to hit the Thanks button, or leave a comment!

Additional Credits:
Many thanks go to HystericalParoxysm for the awesome tutorial "How to make Walls, Floors and Ground Cover". I couldn't have made these walls without the tutorial!

Also thanks to the makers of SimPE and Homecrafter.

And thanks to my Dad - his liking of hot air balloons inspired me to make a hot air balloon wallpaper for my sims! The fact that I've never won the hot air balloon spotting game probably played a part too..... :-D