New Default Replacement Dishes with Matching Dishracks!

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Uploaded 8th Jun 2010 at 6:59 AM

I absolutely love fine china and everyday patterns, and decided to learn how to make default replacements for our Simmies to enjoy them as well.

These patterns are by
. The beautiful thing is...if you like them so much, you can buy them for yourselves! *smiles*

No mesh needed, base game compatible...These lovely plates replace the in-game Maxis default dishes. Please use only ONE default plate file at a time. Swap them in and out before you load your game to play a different household. They also show up on Community Lots, (ie. your Sim's favorite restaurant).

To get the Maxis defaults back, just remove my default plate file from your Downloads folder.

Included in each pattern set: Two Files. The default plate and matching dish rack plate for your Sims' kitchen decor!

Enjoy all these patterns:

Also download:

British Colonial
Dogwood Point
Corona Grove

You may download these sets individually, or in a Group, if you'd like:

Group 1 includes: British Colonial, Autumn, Chirp, and Batik. (shown below)
Group 2 includes: Morella Ave., Belleville Pond, Canary, and Collingwood Drive. (shown above)
Group 3 includes: Dogwood Point, Corona Grove, Rutledge, and Holiday. (shown below)

*All the group files contain one pattern detail pic showing each pattern's detail inside the bowl. (There is that one little cereal spec down in the middle of the bowl that looks like an orange dot...just overlook it, I didn't want to edit it out. It shows these dishes have been Sim-tested and approved!) :P*

Also, I have made a few plastic dishrack recolors, (as seen in the various photos), download them below, individually or all at once:

- Tan
- Forest Green
- Black
- Red

You must download
Boblishman's Dish Rack Mesh
in order for these Dish Rack plate patterns and plastic racks to show up in your game.

To see more of my recolors, please visit
SimCity Furniture

And when you get some free time, please visit the Sims 2 world of Simmington Hills.

Additional Credits:
Thanks to Morague at MTS2 for her Mini-Replacement Tutorial.