~ Peggy's Blonde Ambition ~

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Uploaded 12th Jun 2010 at 9:25 PM

First of all, I would like to thank Peggy for her kind permission to use her hair mesh to make these recolours. She is an amazingly talented artist and I just love her meshes and textures. Without talent like hers I would not have been able to make these blondes as lovely as they turned out.

I have for you 4 blonde recolours of PeggyZone's #005022 up-do mesh for your lady sims. The mesh is NOT included - you will
need to download the mesh from PeggyZone here:


Pale Blonde - Is the lightest shade of blonde and is a pale gold tone

Sunny Blonde - Is the medium shade of blonde and is similar to the light blonde but with a darker gold tone

Dark Blonde - Is the darkest shade of blonde and is a fawn tone

Platinum Blonde - Is the most whitish shade of blonde with an ash-blonde tone

Should be base-game compatible - no EPs required. I have University and Nightlife installed but I made these recolours in The Sims 2 base-game version of BodyShop so I assume they would be clean files. Please let me know if you have any issues.

There are four files in the .rar folder and you must install them all to see all four recolours.

These recolours are not binned as I don't have SimPE or any other package editing programs (just BodyShop). You will find all of them in your custom bin. They should work for all ages, though there is no colour change for elders included - your elders should be as blonde as the adults! These recolours have also been done for young adults so if you have the University EP you can give your students these colours.

I have lovingly spent a few hours creating these recolours and I have added my own textures to them to try and make them look as realistic (and shiny) as possible. Thanks to the awesome folks here at MTS2 who wrote all the hair-colouring tutorials, and following moderator feedback, I have been able to re-create these recolours to look far more natural than my first attempt. I worked hard to eliminate excess shine from too much contrast and over-saturation of colour, while trying to maintain a glossy, realistic, and hair-textured appearance. Lol, I discovered it's rather difficult to make good and realistic blondes. I have tested them in-game and found them to be much more well-toned and normal-looking than my first try at these recolours.


*** All clothing/skintones/eyes/background objects etc are Maxis base-game items. ***

*** All hair meshes are copyright to PeggyZone and are her intellectual property. ***

*** All recolours are copyright to me and are my intellectual property. You are free to download and use my hair recolours in
your games, but if you are a creator or movie-maker wanting to use my recolours for cosmetic purposes you must also write to Peggy at PeggyZone to ask her permission for use of any images featuring her hairstyles. Peggy has fairly strict guidelines to follow but is approachable, should you wish to feature her work. I am not the creator of this hairstyle, I have no right to give permission on the use of PeggyZone creations, I am merely recolouring them. ***

*** Always ask my permission first if you want to use my recolours for any other purposes other than playing the game. ***

*** Always credit me for my recolour works and never ever steal my work and upload it anywhere as your own creation! ***

*** Under no circumstances may you sell or redistribute any of these recolours/meshes/textures anywhere! ***

I hope you all enjoy these blondes on your sims as much as I do. :D

Hair Style: Shiny/Realistic Natural Colours
Maxis Flags: Not Applicable
Bin Type: Unbinned
Age: Toddler Child Teen Young Adult Adult

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