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Budget Geisha Miniset

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Uploaded 14th Jun 2010 at 12:43 AM

I got a request to make some traditional blackened teeth for Geisha's.

But when I finished, I realized it looked stupid to just slap on some random sim. My sims don't have the class (or the clothes) to pull off a hardcore, well put-on geisha get-up, so the foundation's a little smudged, the lipstick is probably children's facepaint, and the blush-- okay, you can't really screw up blush.

What you get:

Layerable White Foundation:

- Found in full face make-up.
- Alpha isn't fully opaque, so it'll work with pretty much any skin, and retain the shading and nostril shape.
Asian eyeliner:
- Eyeliner bin.
- Made specifically for sims with squintier eyes. Because they don't really have upper eyelids, I've never found an eyeliner that will show up on them.
- Warning, will look like scary black eyeshadow on bigger eyes.
- It's blush. It comes up under the cheekbones and around the temples.
Layerable Lipstick:
- I can't remember why it's layerable. I must have had a reason...
- Oh! Layerable because I made a nice alpha that will show off any natural lip texture you have underneath.
Traditional Blackened Geisha Teeth
-Mouth shading is by Ren Thank you!

Please ask before uploading new stuffs using my textures, and link back and such. More likely than not, I'll say yes. I just like to know what's going on ya know?
No paysites.

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