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Abandoned Sunshine Gas'n'Go Mart, rezoned as art studio

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Uploaded: 18th Jun 2010 at 11:58 PM
Updated: 19th Jun 2010 at 2:20 AM - needed work/added CC link

After the Sunshine Gas'n'Go closed, it sat abandoned for years. No one wanted to buy the old building. Some of the town's slobbier residents began using the old lot as a dump site, making the old building even more of an eyesore. Town Hall decided it was time to take drastic measures: they gave the property to a local artist/inventor, Artemisia DaVinci on the condition that she agree to clean the place up and make it a habitable work/living space.

Artemisia got busy right away, but the old building still needs a lot of work. She converted the second floor storage area into a very tiny living space for herself, with just the barest necessities. She hasn't been able to afford a stove, but she does have a fridge and microwave, a small bathroom with toilet, shower and sink, a single bed and dresser, and a plastic dining table and chair. On the large balcony, she has a grill and her easel, plus an old bench and bookcase. The balcony is also where she's stowed some crates she hasn't decided what to with yet.

The old garage has been converted to her studio, with sculpture stand and invention bench, and the old mini-mart is now her office space. She hopes to display some of her paining and sculptures in there someday.

She managed to get the garbage piled up and mostly hidden behind the rusty old fence. To her, other people's junk is always a treasure, and she frequently mines the scrap for material to use in her sculptures and inventions.

This lot was built in Riverview, on an empty corner across the street from the Broke family compound. I added the new 20x20 lot space there with no trouble.
I made this lot for a Sim with the 'descendant of DaVinci LTW, which is to max the Sculpting, Painting and inventing skills. This lot is starter priced so that a single Sim from CAS can purchase it.
If you'd rather have this building as a community junkyard, it would be easy to rezone it. Use BuyDebug to add junk spawners for salvageable furniture for community use. (I learned in testing that using those spawners on a residential lot spawns junked furniture that cannot be salvaged, so I took the salvage spawners off and just left junk piles)

Lot size 20x20
Furnished: 15,743
Unfurnished: 10,663

Custom content used but not included:
(all from MTS)

International Windows- Counter Height
Lack Surfaces (dining table and Jules dining chair)

Discrete Concrete pattern (small and large)

Grass and Weeds

Simple Kitchen

Half Walls

Lot Size: 2x2
Lot Price: 15,688