The Railway Shack - NO CC

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Uploaded: 20th Jun 2010 at 1:46 AM
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The Railway Shack - only 16,142 Simoleons!

Requires World Adventures and Ambitions
Built with version 4.0.87

I am loving Ambitions! I have been playing a couple of families in Twinbrook and as a result, began to channel my inner redneck....

Jim-Bob Bubkis was a railroad track switch controller way back when Twinbrook's railways were bustling with the transportation of freight for local factories. When freight by train was snuffed out by other more ecological means of transport, the almighty petrol guzzling big rigs, Jim Bob's career came to a screeching halt.

He lived out the rest of his eccentric, loner life in the weed-infested, junk-laden, run-down railway track shack
until he died. Some local folk say that these abandoned railway lines are still haunted by the ghost of Jim Bob.....

Nevertheless, Twinbrook Union Bank is looking to offload this little 15x10 residential lot, complete with Jim Bob's old furnishings/belongings including his trusty old Kenspa scooter. It's a bargain, priced at only 16,142 Simoleons.

It features 1 bedroom/work room/office with fireplace, 1 bathroom, kitchen with combined dining, bookshelf and washing machine. The porch features Jim Bob's original railroad switch levers. The yard includes a few basic types of vegetables,a washing line, some useful scrap and Jim Bob's beloved Kenspa scooter. This starter house is perfect for those loner, eccentric, inventor, slobby Sims in your neighbourhood.

Tips for placement in Twinbrook:
After you've installed The Railway Shack lot locate the railtracks behind the Twinbrook Storage Corporation Warehouse buildings. Zoom in and click on the World Editor button, then the Trees tab. Remove some of the excess bullrushes by grabbing them with the hand cursor and pressing delete. Still in the World Editor menu, click on the Lots tab and select a 15x10 lot. Press the alt key and carefully place this empty lot on the cleared area between the tracks. Now go to the Select button and find The Railway Shack in the "Show Empty Houses" menu. Place the lot on the lot you've just created inbetween the railway tracks. The mail and newspapers are still delivered to the lot in this location, however, when your Sim wants to go shopping/to work etc, the Sim first does a mini-epic run along the railway lines before reaching the road whereby he/she gets into a vehicle/bike/taxi.

15x10 lot
16,142 furnished
10,743 unfurnished

Lot Size: 1x1
Lot Price: 16,142