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Relics from TS3 World Adventure

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Uploaded: 26th Jun 2010 at 3:03 PM


Someone asked me to convert the Egyptian relics from TS3 World Adventure to TS2. I decided to do better and to convert nearly all relics !

All these objects are recolourable and do not requiere any EP. They can be found under the Decorative/Sculpture section of the catalog.

Common vases

Two items. They cost §500.

- Common Vase 01. Five recolors : blue-green, copper, gold, red and silver. The default color is blue.

- Common Vase 02. Five recolors : blue, copper, gold, red and silver. The default color is blue-green.

Canopic Jars Collection

Five items. They cost §900.

- Canopic Jar of the Cat
- Canopic Jar of the Eagle
- Little Pharaoh Canopic Jar
- Mummified Canopic Jar
- Weeping Canopic Jar

Chinese Vases Collection

Two items. They cost §800.

- Chinese Vase 01. Five recolors : Amin, Barooka, Barooka 02, Life and Life 02. The default texture is Maroof (blue with gold dragon).
- Chinese Vase 02. Four recolors : Dragon, Nebu, Nesylla and Nesylla 02. The default texture is Empress (the green one).

Dangerous Creatures Collection

Four items. They cost §4,000.

- Ammit Statue
- Anubis Statue
- Fearless Gargoyle
- Fudog

Gold Figurines Collection

Four items. They cost §2,500.

- Horus of the Sky
- Set of the Desert
- Statue of the Cobra
- Sultan of the Sphinx. One recolor available.

Zodic Animals Collection

Three items. They cost §3,000.

- Green Dragon
- Snake of the Simhara
- Wandering Tiger of Baroo

It was a lot, a lot of hard work ! Have fun with these relics ,


Polygon Counts:
Common Vase 01: 188
Common Vase 02: 372

Canopic Jar of the Cat: 170
Canopic Jar of the Eagle: 164
Little Pharaoh Canopic Jar: 196
Mummified Canopic Jar: 158
Weeping Canopic Jar: 188

Chinese Vase 01: 360
Chinese Vase 02: 460

Ammit: 380
Anubis: 454
Fudog: 416
Gargoyle: 632

Cobra: 309
Horus: 405
Seth: 322
Sultan: 382

Dragon: 466
Snake: 452
Tiger: 448