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Three more recolours for MogHughson's Illuminated Sign

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Uploaded: 28th Jun 2010 at 7:06 PM
Here are three more recolours for MogHughson's Illuminated Shop Sign.

There are signs for a pet shop, game shop and diner/fast food restaurant. These are just the shops I have happened to make in my game and needed signs for. I don't really do requests due to time constraints, but am open to suggestions for different shop types to do, if anyone has any.

Each sign has the name of the shop in large writing and some simple pictures depicting what kind of shop it is, in case you choose to use the Simlish versions. Mostly I have extracted graphics from the game files where possible. This means that for example the pet shop sign matches the pet shop walls, doors and windows if you choose to use them.

Signs in English in the daytime

Signs in Simlish, at night

Additional Credits:
Thanks to: SimPE MogHughson for the original sign
SaraMK for the extracted in-game graphics
SIMale for the Simlish font