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Uploaded: 30th Jun 2010 at 1:28 AM
Updated: 18th Mar 2013 at 1:02 PM - Just minor changes to text
UPDATE 1 FEBRUARY 2012: Have made a huge overhaul to these goggles, shortening the lenses of the "wearing on the eyes like glasses" version in which the lenses stuck out too long (the "forehead" version still has the long lenses, so that they can stick out through the sim's hair), and also creating three NEW versions: Clear lenses, Sunglass lenses, and Glowing White Lenses. Check out all the new versions on the Download tab and in the new screenshots below! And if you already had the "on-the-eyes" Maxis-stencilled (rave) lenses version with the too-long lenses, please redownload to get the fixed shortened lenses version (new version package inside the zip file is labelled as V2).

Remember those nifty Rave goggles from The Sims 2, the ones that the Sims wore on their foreheads? Here's a conversion of them for The Sims 3, in two versions: one modified to be worn over their eyes, and one in the original position on their foreheads.

They are found in the Accessories section under Glasses, and are enabled for both genders and Teen to Elder. All versions have three recolourable channels. In the Sims 2 Maxis-stencilled lens texture version, the three channels consist of 1) the "lenses", 2) the lens surround (which comes out in a two-tone effect, light and dark) and the top half of the elastic band, and 3) the bottom half of the elastic band.

Below is the Maxis-stencilled version in its original forehead-mounted position:

I made the forehead version in only the Maxis-stencilled lens texture, but you can recolour the lenses a very dark colour if you want to get rid of the stencil on the lenses. Also, for a couple of plain non-stencilled forehead versions of my mesh, see sionelle's nice new retextures of it: http://www.modthesims.info/d/466317

For the "worn on the face like glasses" version of the Maxis stencilled goggles, please see Agnes Crumplebottom in the below thumbnails for pics.

The new versions with clear, sunglass or glowing lenses, have the following three slightly different recolour areas: 1) The lens surround (which comes out in a two-tone effect, light and dark), 2) the top half of the elastic band, and 3) the bottom half of the elastic band, as seen below where Gobias Koffi models the new clear lens version:

Below, Agnes Crumplebottom wears the new Sunglass lens version, which I think have a nice sort of Steampunk-y look to them, while doing some experimenting:

And the new glowing white lenses version, which can be used for various scary characters such as cyborgs or other nefarious villains:

As with my other glowing white accessories, you need to have a good video card that supports the glowing effect in order for these to glow - otherwise they will look like a sort of flat shiny grey texture.

Thank you for looking, hope you'll have fun with these.


Unzip the .zip file, and copy the .package file to your Mods\Packages folder. You only need the one file for both men and women, as it is enabled for both.

If you don't have a Mods\Packages folder and/or don't know how to install .package files, please see full instructions here: http://www.modthesims.info/wiki.php...g_Package_Files

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Made with the fantabulous CTU http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=364926