10 New Sim-Realistic Posters for your sim!

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Uploaded: 2nd Jul 2010 at 6:42 PM
Updated: 31st Jul 2010 at 1:05 AM
'Lights, cameras, action! Galinda in your bubble! Stewie put that ray gun down! Harry, stop picking on Ron! Welcome to the world of show business!
Give your sims some sim-realistic posters for their world so they can truly appreciate the art of our world. Showing some of the most well known and popular musicals, movies and TV shows of our generation, these posters will be great for any theatre, bedroom or library!'

The 10 poster themes included are;

Wicked the Musical
Phantom of the Opera
Family Guy
Harry Potter
Alice in Wonderland
RENT the Musical

In these in game photos you can see the posters in different situations in different lights. So in the library where it is bright the posters seem bright and full of colour while in the dark they are more subtle and contrasting. So if the pictures of them seem too bright/blurry, that's just the light, the poster will appear as it is in the first picture.

I hope you all enjoy these for your game!
Also please note that is sims 2 simlish not sims 3, hope that's ok

Additional Credits:
Thanks so much to all the CC creators! There is quite alot so if you want to know where something came from, just ask
Also thanks to the creators of S3pe, s3oc, TSR workshop and also to MTS for all their work!
Thanks guys! .