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Cabinet of Curiosities Consignment Shop

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Uploaded: 5th Jul 2010 at 7:03 AM

Cabinet of Curiosities is a small consignment shop built on a 10x15 lot.
The first floor has the cash register and displays of toys, invented widgets, cameras, yard and garden decor and a few other decorative items like incense burners and a lamp. I tried to focus on items that you might actually find for sale from the register, with a few other things thrown in to fill it out.
The second floor features the clothing department, which is largely decorative since Sims don't make or buy clothes in Sims 3. There's a small washroom on the second floor, plus a fitting room which no Sim will ever use, lol, but I felt like it should be there. There are also a couple of bookshelves on the second floor, and some comfy chairs. Since the register sells books as well I wanted to represent them in the shop.

This lot is playtested, my test Sim (Jocasta Bachelor) was able to buy and consign items on the register.
I built this lot for my Sunset Valley (though it could obviously go in other neighborhoods). It's a tiny 10x15, making it easy to find a spot for. I placed it in a spot next to the Bistro (across from the Library). Just delete or move a few trees in Edit World and place a 10x15 lot. Zone the lot as 'Community' and 'Consignment Shop', then place this lot in Edit Town mode.

Lot size: 10x15
Furnished: 49,512
Unfurnished: 27, 152

Custom Content Not Included:

by Huge Lunatic:
'Ye Olde Windows' Colonial Window 2

by Purplepaws:
TS2 -> TS3 Toys, Toys, Toys

Lot Size: 1x1
Lot Price: 49,512