Versatile Shelving: Half Shelves & In-between Uprights

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Uploaded: 6th Jul 2010 at 6:08 PM
This addition to the Versatile Shelving system allows you to build boxes at any of the 5 shelving levels. (Please note update to Versatile Shelving discussed below) It also includes 5 half-length shelves with 3 slots each to maximize design flexibility.

The objects included here will mix-match with the Versatile Shelves and the Glass Versatile Shelves I uploaded before.

When trying these out in my WA game I noticed that the shadows the shelves cast are very dark and cumulative. For this reason these shelves and uprights have no shadow. They do not cast a shadow on the floor and they do not cast a shadow on the wall. I have updated the Versatile Shelving post to include a download version of the original set which also has no shadows. You can find those here:

These shelves have been tested in my base game with no patches and my WA game which is patched through December. They have three recolorable parts. They will go up against a wall with no cheats. Each piece costs $10 and can be found in Buy/Surfaces/Miscellaneous.

They tile nicely and will not distort patterns applied to them:

Photo credits:

Little animals: HazuiTokage - here at Mod the Sims
Small Potted Flower: Cmomoney - here at Mod the Sims
Craftsman Vase with Flower: BabaYaga - here at Mod the Sims
Bookshelf clutter: Cmomoney - here at Mod the Sims
Bottles & 2 photos: LemonCandy - here at Mod the Sims

Thanks to all in the meshing and object creation forums here

Polygon Counts:
For each shelf and upright:

Faces 30
Vertices 40

Additional Credits:
Wes Howe: S3ObjTool

Inge & Peter Jones: S3OC & S3PE