The Tower of Azora

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Uploaded: 11th Jul 2010 at 8:16 PM
The Tower of Azora - a place to hangout with the Nightelves....

Requires World Adventures and Ambitions
Built with version 4.0.87
Uses Sims Store and MTS CC

The Tower of Azora is a magical, mystical residence perfect for your wizard, warlock or magician Sims. With four levels of living space, the Tower of Azora offers 1 master bedroom with ensuite, 1 ground floor bathroom, nectar/potion making room, reading room, kitchen/dining room, sculpting, painting, music, snake charming and chess playing room. There is a special "herb" garden to the side of the tower and a lively waterfall splashing into a fish stocked river.

Added bonus: your Sims will get a work out going up and down the two speedy poles connecting the second floor to the third and fourth floors.

MTS CC used (not included):
EsmeraldaF's beautiful Sims 2 Medieval Conversions:
Medieval Love Seat Conversion
Medieval Living Room Set
Medieval Dining Room Set
(please thank her in her threads)

Sims Store CC used: (most of this was decor only)
Faire Vine Wall Decor
B.Harvard's Water Collection
FREE! Honeycomb Bookshelf
FREE! Harvest Bounty Set

40x40 lot
83,962 furnished
56,521 unfurnished

Note for WoW purists:
This is not exact, we all know that the Tower of Azora is on flattish land, surrounded by hungry bears, wolves and lost noobs and the tower itself is nowhere near a waterfall nor is it surrounded by a river. The fences surrounding the tower are there to ensure that the Sims use the stone stairs. If you don't mind them just running up the hill, you can remove the fences.

Lot Size: 4x4
Lot Price: 83,962

Additional Credits:
EsmeraldaF for her beautiful Sims 2 Medieval Conversions
Goggalor and Tizerist for their handy list of fog emitter effects
Noobs in Elwynn Forest