Recolors and Defaults of Unforgettable Eyes by DragonMandy

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Uploaded: 15th Jul 2010 at 7:55 PM
Updated: 28th Aug 2011 at 5:52 PM by heaven_sent_8_18
Let me preface this entire post by saying that I absolutely LOVE Dragonmandy's eyes. They are the ONLY eyes I ever use and I was stuck on her Adoring colors. However, when she came out with Unforgettable, I fell in love all over again. Unforgettable had those dark colors with such a gorgeous shape that they were the only eyes I wanted in my game. Who can blame me???

So...even though I loved the Unforgettable eyes, I missed some of the lighter Adoring colors, plus the hazel from her Nevermind set. After checking her policy, and PMing her, I decided to do some clever "recoloring" and use some of her Adoring colors (plus that hazel) with her Unforgettable eye shape. I think the result is fantastic!

Some darker colors are missing, of course, as she already made them. Therefore, if you are looking for the darker grays and browns and the darkest green and blue, check out her original post: DragonMandy Unforgettable Eyes

And just for you Twilight fans, I did some of my own recolors with a golden eye for those vampire vegetarians and a red eye for those who like their snacks old school!

Also, I have included defaults! Yes, that's right. Not only do you get recolored eyes, you also get defaults with a mixture of those recolors plus some of the originals. There are 2 sets to choose from:

1) Defaults with Maxis Original Colors: These use Maxis original colors (brown, light blue, dark blue, green and gray) as the default colors. The brown, dark blue, and gray in this set are from DragonMandy's original Unforgettable set. See below for link.

2) Defaults with Hazel: I don't need so many blue eyed sims (and blue is recessive = less likely, remember Mendel?) in my game and since I ADORE the hazel that DragonMandy created from her Nevermind set, I replaced the light blue with the dark hazel, recolored into the Unforgettable set. The dark blue has also been replaced with my Medium Blue recolor. Since there was only going to be one blue, I figured the in-between was best suited for this set.

Remember you can only have ONE set of default eyes. If you already have a set, please delete first. This also means that you must choose between these two sets!

If you would like to see (or just have) the original Adoring and Nevermind eyes see this post: DragonMandy Adoring/Nevermind Eyes

One last thing: since this is 95% DragonMandy's work, the policy for reusing, uploading, etc will follow her policy. Please check out her profile for any information on that.

Custom Content Credit:
Full Set Model's and Green Eyed Model's Hair - Mikexx2 Almost Famous
Blue Eyed Model's Hair - PeggyZone Free
Brown Eyed Model's Hair - Enriquemt0's Helgasims Recolor
Hazel Eyed Model's Hair - Raonjena Sims Hair 41
Male's Hair - Maxis Seasons EP

If you love this, don't forget the thanks! I love seeing how people enjoy what I have created. Makes the hard work worth so much more in the end!