Alpha Wings - Lucia Carlota's Victoria's Secret Wings Converted for TS3

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Uploaded: 3rd Aug 2010 at 1:58 AM
Updated: 3rd Aug 2010 at 1:49 PM
Hi MTS! This upload has given me so much trouble, I'm quite glad to be done with it- for the moment anyway.

When I saw Lucia Carlota's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Wings, I simply had to convert them. Being a little out of touch with the CC world, I was unaware that no alpha accessories had previously been made, and attempted anyway. Lo and behold, it worked! A week of troubleshooting later, I present to you, alpha wingies~!

(Please excuse my bad picture-taking skills)

Each pair is unisex, for teen through elder, and is found under ring accessories.

Shown here are the wings with the original textures as overlays. Each pair also has an option to be recolored in CAS as well, in the second design. attached is a really ugly but informative picture which shows the recolor channels. They all have 2 channels, except for the peacock ones, which have a third. (it's cyan, and barely visible in the pic)

Unfortunately, there are some texture issues which me and my team of highly trained specialists have been unable to fix. (in all seriousness, I do not have such a team, but I did consult some people who are very good at this sort of thing, who tried everything and were completely stumped)

The texture problems are as follows:

1.) The detailed textures get exceptionally blurry when the wings are worn with another accessory. I am told this always happens, with basegame accessories as well. The theory is that this happens so the game doesn't have to render high-poly sims (aka sims with multiple accessories) and detailed textures at the same time. However, it happens with socks too, so idk.

2.) There is an unexplainable black diamond behind the sim's disembodied head when directing the sim to take an action. This is the transparency going BYE-BYE I suppose.

Here's a lovely illustrative picture of both problems.

Furthermore, the transparency did not work on the lesser 2 lods, no matter what I did to them they became black squares, so they have been disabled. (I know I'm getting technical here, sorry if you don't understand this, it just means that the wings disappear at a certain distance)

However, if your graphics are pretty decent, and your sim detail is set on high, it's quite far before they disappear. With lower sim detail settings/poorer graphics, the wings disappear very quickly. I tested on my computer, which is okay for graphics, and took these pictures of the farthest distance I can zoom in normal camera mode at each sim detail level:

There are ways to get around the game's draw distance of course, namely using a camera hack which mods that sort of thing, and using tabbed camera mode (which will give you much more room to zoom haha) Also, a tester reported a much farther distance than the one I observed at high sim detail, so it's possible that better machines will let you zoom more and so on.

Now on to the real beauty of these wings of course is that they can be retextured to any shape, as long as it fit's the mesh. However, my normal policy does not apply here, as both the mesh and the textures are conversions. Click the spolier for details.

Polygon Counts:
Lod0/Lod1: 242 vertices, 1200 faces
(no other lods)

Additional Credits:
Orignal TS3 CC: Lucia Carlota's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Wings and Lord Dragonstone's large Alpha Wings Mesh
Testers: Grilledcheesesammich, RezDelnava
CC used in screenshots: Kanno's Moonlight Skin (bodies), aikea-guinea's default replacement skin (faces) The Ninth Wave's CAS bluescreen
Additonal Credits: Rez Delnava for doing testing and troubleshooting for me, as well as Base1980 for helping me out! Thank you guys so much for your help, and for trying so hard to fix my problems! Also, I would like to thank the people in #create for listening to me moan and groan and whine that IT'S JUST NOT WORKING and giving me advice. Thank you!