Summertime (Speedo) Swimsuits for little girls, teens and women

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Uploaded 30th Jul 2010 at 3:09 PM · Updated 28th Jul 2010 at 11:20 PM by buitefr1 : Redone the Speedo logo

It is the mids of summer and really really hot here. So I decided to make a swimmingsuit for my simgirls. I think they can use one because they are really poorly dressed by the game. The swimsuit is losely based on a picture for a real girls Speedo swimsuit. Actually the only thing I did is make a new texture and so on.
Testing in game the sister and mother of my little model also wanted a new swimmingsuit. So I made one for them also. And after that I made also a variation with no logo (as I was suggested on the creators' forum and thanks for that!).

This is what you get:
- Put in one rarfile: 3 variations for a girls swimsuit, with the Speedo logo;
- one rarfile with 1 variation, this time no logo for girls;
- for female adults I made 2 rarfiles containing each 2 colourvariations. One is with, the other without the Speedo logo;
- for teens I made 2 rarfiles, each containing 2 colourvariations. One is of course with, the other without the Speedo logo.

Each swimsuit had 3 colourchannels: the piping, the suit and the triangle on back and chest for female adult and female teen.
The swimsuit for girls has also 3 channels: piping, suit and chestpart and triangle on the back.
The logo is only in blue and not recoulorable.

Finally I think you can totally make this to you liking, that's why I didn't make colourvariations for each set.

Just choose the ones you like.
Have fun and let those girls swim!

Additional Credits:
All is Maxis, done so to decrease loadingtime for testing.
Child's hair is Anubis Peggyhair 57 pooklet'd