TS3 Ghost Catching - With Custom Journal Updated 11/22/10

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Uploaded: 7th Aug 2010 at 8:31 AM
Updated: 22nd Nov 2010 at 5:24 PM
Update 11/22/10
Ghost Catching now works for the newest patches. Download 112210 version.

Some sims are terrified at the thought of venturing into the graveyard. But there are those who never fear at the thought and are proven worthy to be the ones to catch the abnormal disturbances.

This mod introduces a small part of MY version ghost hunting into the sims 3 base game. It allows a sim with the ghost catcher 2000 in their inventory to catch non playable ghosts. These ghosts will come back so no need to worry The mod takes nothing from ambitions and doesn't even use the same code. This mod is NOT ripped from ambitions in any way. This version specifically allows users to put this originally designed mesh (by HL) into their inventory. This will add an interaction to ghosts where the sim with the gun in their inventory is able to catch the ghost at a percent chance and maybe make a profit from it. The effects are the repo effects not ghost ambition effects.

The Ghost Catcher 2000:
The ghost catcher can be found under Hobbies/Skills. It cost $1000 and at the current moment is non recolorable. Special thanks to HugeLunatic for the mesh.

The Skill Journal:
This mod introduces a ghost catching skill journal. It has no skill by itself and is impossible to noncheatily improve it. The skill journal will appear just as the collection skill does meaning you need at least one skill point in another skill to be able to see it.

  • Number of Ghost Catching Attempts
  • Number of Ghost Caught

  • Ghost Hunter
  • Ghost Hunters specialize in catching ghosts. They have attempted to catch 25 ghosts and are able to catch ghost more easily.
  • Ghost Catcher
  • Ghost Catchers have caught 25 ghosts in their ghost hunting career. Ghost Catchers get twice as much money for catching ghosts and can now walk like them!

Object Interactions
  • Pick Up - Puts the ghost catcher into your inventory. Animation is not fully functional.
  • Version - Gives you the version of your running mod.
  • Walk Ghostly/Walk Normally - (Only appears in your inventory, must be a ghost catcher) Allows your sim to either walk like a ghost or return normally if he/she is walking like a ghost.

The Catch Interaction
The catch ghost interaction appears on all non playable ghosts. Your Sim will walk over to the ghost and nab them with the ghost catcher. The interaction will not catch the ghosts 100% of the time. There is a 30% base chance of catching the ghost with a 10% added if you are lucky or have the brave/childish trait. Also, there is a 10% subtraction if you are unlucky or have the coward trait. Becoming a ghost hunter will set your percent to 95% of catching. Each successful catch with give you money as out lined in the following chart as well as a successful sound and a broken sound is played if failed. Being a ghost catcher will double any value you receive. While some of these ways of dieing and age could not occur normally if they did this is what you would get. While other deaths are included you do not need Ambitions or WA for this mod.

Mail Box Interactions
The following interactions are for purpose of removing this mod. See "Removing the Mod" for more information.
  • Remove All Ghost Catching Skills - Resets all ghost catching skills from the game.
  • Remove Sim's Ghost Catching Skill - Resets the ghost catching skill from the current sim

Is this/Does it require a Core Mod?
Absolutely Not! I do my best to stay away from them so that everyone is able to download and enjoy it!

This mod is a script mod with it's own custom object and as such should in almost no way conflict with anything. Any possible conflictions would be a result of the skill journal. This mod was made with and tested with base game. I'm unsure as to the effects of playing with AMB and WA at the current moment.

Help! I can't get it into my Inventory or something else doesn't work!
This mod should not conflict with anything so it most likely is a problem in your framework. If you do all of the following and then delete your caches and restart the game and it still doesn't work then you are allowed to post.

Removing the Mod
If you use this mod and gain any skill journal points you cannot just remove the mod from you packages folder but must first do the following:
  1. Use the mailbox interactions to either A) Remove all skill journals or B) Remove it single handedly of any one particular sim. These actions cannot be undone so be careful.
  2. Remove to mod.

  1. Sometimes the interaction does not set up correctly between the sim and the ghost and will cancel itself out. Just try again to make it work.
  2. If you try and catch a ghost (or any interaction) to one that had just spawn from the graveyard and has started moving they will disapear.

Additional Credits:
Thanks to HugeLunatic: for the mesh
Thanks to Twallan: For the original help and specific help on this mod