Hoi's Internet and Gaming Hub (Few CC Included)

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Uploaded: 11th Aug 2010 at 4:08 AM
Updated: 31st Aug 2010 at 8:04 AM

The building was sold to Hoi for a very cheap price when the grocery store that used to operate in the building go bankruptcy. Hoi and his geek friends turned the building into a clubhouse wherein they can hangout and play their favorite video games.

A few months later, the clubhouse was opened to the public. They retained the grungy dirty vibe of the environment in the outside. The old brick was never repainted and the garbage in the backyard starts to pile up little by little.

On the other hand they made a great renovation in the building's interior designs using slick cutting edge couches and chairs; ultra modern High Definition LCD flat screen and monitors; and top notch gaming console and computers.

A small coffee bar was inside the building to keep gamers and their fingers on the kaypads for hours and hours.

Hoi's Internet and Gaming Hub maybe a small-time player compared to its other competitors but youngsters of Sunset Valley are now enjoying a little turf of techno exitement with this little hub.

HELS is needed for the Couches, TV, and wall mounted light.
Ambitons is only needed for the sign to appear.
WA is needed only for the two tables for the computers.

I used 2 of my created Custom Content which are included in the downloads.
- Ultimate Gaming Posters
- Screaming Signages

Lot Size: 3x2
Lot Price: 19,800

Custom Content by Me:
- famous signages

Custom Content Included:
- gaming poster by bocboc256
- gaming poster by bocboc256