Adult College Student Career

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Uploaded: 12th Aug 2010 at 2:28 PM
Updated: 12th Aug 2010 at 10:23 PM
It kind of bugged me that Adult sims could never continue their education the way the game has it set up, you have to be a Young Adult in order to go to University. Well with this career you can have your adult sims experience all the fun of University as well! Also if you don't have University, you can send your adult sims to college this way. So it's win/win.

This career has 8 chance cards completed, and it has it's own GUID so it won't overwrite any Maxis or custom careers. The custom icon was extracted from The Sims 2 University icons and made into a proper career icon by me with transparent backgrounds.

A note of caution:

If you have only the base game, and no EPs, this career probably won't work for you. Whenever I go through the steps to make careers only base game compatible in simPE, it ends up messing up my game. I have no way to test for base game compatibility, because I purchased my games as direct download from the EA store, and the Base Game Starter program only works with games purchased on disc. My advice would be to buy an EP, besides playing with just the base game is incredibly boring.

Here are some examples of chance card questions:

And here is the Custom Icon:

Today I've added the custom career reward of counterfeit diploma thanks to lientebollemeis. This custom career reward is considered in testing.

Additional Credits:
Special thanks to SaraMK at Maty for the Extracted Icon

Special Thanks to lientebollemeis at mts for the custom career rewards. You can find her Adult Education NCIS career Here