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Brushing with Blush | A Set of 6 Blushes

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Uploaded: 10th Aug 2010 at 7:43 PM
Brushing with Blush | A set of 6 blushes

Hi, this is my first upload to the awesome Mod The Sims! Yay! This is a set of six blushes in warm red, brown, and gold tones. Sorry for the cheesy names, I was at a loss for actually awesome names.

As you can tell from the screenshots, these blushes look great in all kinds of light, be it low light or harsh sunlight.

Please give me tons of constructive criticism to help me better my skills! Thank you! :D

Additional Credits:
I'd like to thank the entire Mod The Sims community for all the helpful information they post and all the time they spend answering the same n00b question for the millionth time. You rock! :D