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Medieval Falconer Career for Adults

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Uploaded: 13th Aug 2010 at 1:43 PM
Updated: 16th Aug 2010 at 10:01 AM
In short, this is a career about Falconry. For those of you who don't know what falconry is, it can basically be summarised as hunting with birds of prey. As this career is designed to be used in a Medieval neighourhood, I have stayed true to the historical meaning of the word, and have tried to be as historically accurate as possible!

In Medieval times, being a professional falconer was a very high status one - the Master Falconer in Wales was apparently regarded as fourth down the social hierarchy from the King! Many people, from all social classes, would use birds of prey to hunt for food to feed their families. The first level of this career reflects this, and the other two levels are designed to show the move to becoming a professional falconer. There are only three levels because I think that that is more historically accurate - there would be few different "career levels" in a profession, and people would often hold a job for life.

This career has its own unique GUID, and so shouldn't overwrite anything in your game. It is EP compatible, and has 3 chance cards (ie one per level). Sims go to work in their everyday clothes. It has a custom icon, which has a transparent background in game.

It also has a custom carpool, which was made by Fennshysa, based off work by hexameter, and is used with permission. The custom carpool is a rideable horse!

In order to use this career, you need to download the horse carpool from here. Download the .rar file named Fighter Carpools.rar, and extract the contents. You need to place two of the files in your Downloads folder - namely Carpool - Horse and hexameter-horsegallop. You don't need the other files. And of course you also need this career which you can download from here! :-)

The career is named Falconer in the newspaper/computer Job Finders. This is to distinguish it from my modern Falconry career , though as that is designed for modern-day neighbourhoods and this is for Medieval neighbourhoods I wouldn't recommend having them both in the same neighbourhood anyway......!

So, the levels.

Amateur Falconer. $50, Days Worked MTWTFSS, Time 4pm - 7pm.

After you're done working in the fields for the day, you like to go out and fly your kestrel. In theory this should help put meat on the table for you and your family, but you're yet to catch anything bigger than a mouse!

Apprentice Falconer. $200, Days Worked MTWTFSS, Time 8am - 6pm.

You finally managed to find a Master Falconer who was willing to train you in the art of falconry. Most of your time is spent cleaning, but you are learning a lot! Before long you should be able to keep and train birds without any supervision, and maybe then you'll be able to move up in the world!

Master Falconer. $500, Days Worked MWFSS, Time 8am - 6pm.

You have finished your apprenticeship, and are now working for a local Lord, breeding, training and caring for his falcons. When he wishes to fly his birds, you are always there to assist him in any way you can. Make sure you keep working hard though, as if you don't produce successful hunters you may lose your position!

As you can see, sims in the career have to work a lot of days each week! This is also designed to be historically accurate, if a tad exhausting for your sims! :-)

Please leave a comment or hit the Thanks button if you like it! If you encounter any problems, or find any grammar/spelling errors please let me know by leaving a comment below.

Additional Credits:
Thank you to Fennshysa and Hexameter for giving me permission to use their work as the custom carpool!

Also thanks to the makers of SimPE - couldn't've done it without you!

And thanks to my parents, family and friends for supporting my love of falconry :-) Long may it continue!