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For Harry and Hermione - Return to Hogwarts

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Uploaded: 24th Aug 2010 at 12:45 AM
Updated: 10th Feb 2011 at 8:41 PM
I returned to MTS, but I won't make anything special.

I decided to share one lot that has been in my game for long time, and that's another version of Hogwarts castle, but this version is made for Harry and Hermione.

We all know what Hogwarts is: A huge and very beautiful castle, which is used as school of magic.

I have already made it two times, but now I was trying to make it exactly as it's seen in movies, only using base game.
It's based on my previous version of Hogwarts:

And this version is dedicated to Harry and Hermione / Dan and Emma, cause in my mind they are true and only love couple at Hogwarts, just look at second, third or fourth movie, or read that books.

Their both names start with 'H', and they meet at Hogwarts Express which also starts with 'H'. Hermione was the one who always took Harry's hand, and she also hugged him a lot of times. She was always there to help him, and he was always there to protect her.

In second year it was Hermione who was petrified and it was Harry who killed Basilisk and destroyed the curse. At end she hugged him with such love in her eyes.

At third year, they shared a wonderful moment of traveling through the time together.

It was Harry who raised his mouth when he saw her at Yule ball, and it were Viktor Krum and Rita Skeeter who always thought that these two are in love.

And Hermione was always worried for him, and she was always screaming his name whenever they were in danger. Even Dumbledore asked Harry 'Are you with Hermione?' in fifth or sixth year. And not to mention that it was Harry who was very jealous because he didn't became an assistant with Hermione.

Sadly, J.K. Rowling ruined my dreams about perfect ending, but I didn't stop to believe in their romance

That's because the bravest wizard and the smartest witch are perfect love couple

If you agree with me, visit these sites:

Now, you can see the pictures of creation that I have made just for them:

Moving stairs and view through the Clock Tower window, although it doesn't really have a clock

Clock Tower, Entrance hall across the viaduct, Great Hall and Towers which are near the Greenhouses

Greenhouses, Arch which is leading to Paved Courtyard, Fountain in Clock Tower Courtyard and Owlery

Castle itself is not very big, but it has a lot of cc, mostly walls by me. I have created 20 different walls with random pictures and portraits just for Moving Stairs!

Also this time castle is unfurnished, I really didn't have time to furnish it, and this is the first time in my life to upload an unfurnished lot. But you can decorate it in your own way
The only classroom that I have made is one on the ground floor, in top right corner, near the owlery, it's meant to be the transfigurations classroom (my favorite magic subject!)

I tried to create it as best as I could, and I'm proud of the result, and the only things that are missing are the Draw Bride and Hagrid's Hut, but I really didn't have enough space.

Lot requires: no eps, no sps, just base game and many cc, mostly walls by me and some user created objects.

Let the Magic of this amazing castle take you once again!
Harry and Hermione forever!

Lot Size: 5x5
Lot Price: 235 213

Custom Content by Me:
- Hogwarts 1 wall
- Portraits 2 wall
- Portraits 6 wall
- Portraits 11 wall
- Portraits 18 wall
- Portraits 9 wall
- Portraits 4 wall
- Portraits 10 wall
- Portraits 14 wall
- Portraits 17 wall
- Portraits 5 wall
- Portraits 16 wall
- Portraits 20 wall
- Hogwarts 19 wall (actually a 19 wall of Portraits)
- Hogwarts 1 wall
- Hogwarts outside 1 wall
- Portraits 15 wall
- Hogwarts floor 2
- Portraits 13 wall
- Portraits 1 wall
- Portraits 3 wall
- Portraits 7 wall
- Portraits 8 wall
- Hogwarts outside 6 wall
- Hogwarts outside 5 wall
- Portraits 12 wall
- Hogwarts floor 1

Custom Content Included:
- Patrician Staircase in Discreet Concrete by Sunni Sims
- Simple Buttress by Magick Modders
- La Gargouille Ornamental Sculpture by gromit
- The Invisable Window by rebecah
- High Battlement by Magick Modders
- Archer's Tower by Magick Modders
- 2 Storie Church Window by Moon_Ez
- Medieval Battlement by Magick Modders
- Battlements Cornerpiece by Magick Modders
- Rosette Window by Magick Modders
- Flying Buttress by Magick Modders
- Dungeon Door by Magick Modders
- Clear Transparent Tile by RGiles
- Invisiable Diagonal Double Window by rebecah
- Invisible Double Window by rebecah