Pure eyes : big pack! UPDATED

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Uploaded: 1st Sep 2010 at 2:34 PM
Updated: 7th Jul 2011 at 10:15 PM - Update
UPDATE : While this thread was in the Upload Queue I updated it on the LFB's blog so normally I am updating it here also.The problem is that I messed up defaults so they were very bright on light colors and were giving a zombie looking eyes which wasn’t my idea but now that’s fixed! Sorry for this happening, they were my first defaults ever made! Please download new version of them which will replace the old ones and also delete your cache files.Take a look at the before-after picture of defaults for the color in the middle:

Hi everybody it’s me again and because a lot of you asked for it I present to you my Pure eyes : big pack!

I've made another version of these on LFB's blog here but these eyes are not the same as the older version of them! I’ve made them a bit smaller because I love to have real-life sized eyes and the previous version of them was a bit too large and not realistic! I’ve also made them Default for both genders,all ages so you can free one space in the make-up slot But there’s more : I’ve also made them as Moving contacts only for female all ages with 5 different positions(for all of those who are wondering why only for females and what are Moving contacts please go here and see the mirror-effect explanation) And for the end I’ve made Centered position contacts only for male all ages (male eyes don’t produce the mirror effect so these contacts have only one centered/regular position!)

Ok now when the explanation is done here is the preview of the Default eyes :

I really hate the fact that Defaults have only one changeable color but even though Pure eyes still look nice,take a look at the color variations :

Contacts have 4 changeable layers : Red,Green,Blue and Alpha to change their color as shown in the picture :

Moving contacts have 5 different positions to make squint or goggle effect:

Feel free to go to this page to see more screenshots of previous version of my contacts just to see color variations!
  • Note 1: Put these packages in your Mods/Packages folder! Just a hint for new users!
  • Note 2: You can have only one Default eyes so please remove any old Defaults you’ve used before from your Mods/Packages folder
  • Note 3: You’ll find these contacts in the Makeup->Costume makeup category in game and both have custom thumbnail

Custom Content used in the pictures: