'Hold your Hurdy Gurdles!' Austrian Dining Bench (+ bonus cushions)

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Uploaded: 30th Aug 2010 at 7:31 AM
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'Hold your Hurdy Gurldes!' Austrian Dining Bench

'With this sturdy wooden dining bench you can ensure that your young whiper snappers are never slouching, the obscenely straight back causes a 'stick up the arse' posture that is bound to straighten out not only their spine but their bad behaviour too!'

Dining benches are a common type of seating used throughout Austria, and I really love their interesting and unique designs! This dining bench that I have created is in fact one that my family owns in Austria, we brought it and lovingly restored it, and this is a like for like replica of it, right down to the patterns and colours.

Now, this dining bench has created a lot of firsts for me, and I learnt a lot of new proccesses along the way, I learnt how to bake and edit multipliers, how to change normals, use welding, adjust hardness, create and edit slots, properly UV map, and stitch seams! So all in all, this has been a steep learning curve for me, but I was determined to make this object look really good in game, and not just a rubbish ugly boxy thing.

The bench has two slots on it, one on each side, this is so that the decorative cushions can be placed on the sofa without having to use any cheats. I should also note that this is a sofa and cannot be used to eat at with a dining table, however it is based on a dining bench. It can be found under the seating category in the loveseat subsection, I have also included it in the dining chairs subsection of seating. The chair has 3 recolourable channels, and the cushions both have 1 recolourable channel, these can be seen in the image below. Other than that, i hope you enjoy it!

Polygon Counts:
Bench: [vertices - 870] [faces - 568] [price - $980]
Single Cushion: [vertices - 156] [faces - 204] [price - $18]
Twin Cushion: [vertices - 312] [faces - 408] [price - $18]

Additional Credits:
Thanks to everyone in the meshers help forum who have supported me and taught me so much over the last couple of weeks.