Medieval Recolors of Expansion Packs Accessories

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Uploaded: 1st Sep 2010 at 8:29 PM
This collection includes several items each from different expansions recolored to look more appropriate for a themed game. Accessories are not found in the buy mode catalog, but show up randomly in the game when a Sim performs various actions. They aren't normally recolor-able, so these are Default Replacements. By putting these files in your Sims2->Downloads folder these items will automatically appear recolored in your game. To return to the original game accessories, simply remove my files.

This collection includes:

University Accessories
  • Pillows - Was boring plain fabrics, now two types of embroidered patterned fabric and two types of linen.
  • Soap Box - Was bright pink, now is parchment style box with actual period engraving image of medieval bath time.
  • Water Balloon - Was various bright colors, now plain pigs bladder.

Open for Business Accessories
  • Barber's Powder Puff - Was bright blue, now brown burlap.
  • Barber's Scissors - Was black and bright shiny metal, now slightly rusty iron.

Pets Accessories
  • Food Boxes - All three types of food boxes (Cat/Dog, Bird, Hamster) were modern style colors, now they are wooden boxes with engraved pet images and simlish text.
  • Feather Toy - Was bright blue and white plastic, now wooden stick with peacock feather.
  • Litter Scoop - Was bright purple plastic, now old wooden shovel.
  • Litter Bag - Modern paper bag, now plain parchment bag.

Apartment Life Accessories
  • Toothbrush - Was blue plastic, now wooden with natural bristles.
  • Toothpaste Tube - Was modern colored, now is neutral with parchment label.
  • Face Wash Bottle - Was bright blue, now dark apothecary bottle with parchment label.

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