Terre Bonne II

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Warning Will Robinson! Warning!

Those with slower computers will have lagging issues if you run with all settings at their highest (as my groaning and gasping dinosaur desktop can attest). If you run your game at mid to low settings, it might not be an issue.

**End of Warning**

This house was made with an unpatched version of Sims 2 Deluxe.

I have broken with my usual mantra of not using CC. I made this decision after coming to two conclusions:

#1 This house is just too big to landscape without it turning into a gardener's nightmare, this is even after using a smaller lot than what it was originally built on. (Don't ask). As it is, those with seasons... break out your rakes!

#2 There is only so much one can do with Maxis' FUGLY hibiscus

To place this lot, you *must* place it on a corner lot where the road forms a backwards L (the road running to the east and south of the house).

This house is based on (not an exacting copy) a house I did for TS3. The major differences are:

Driveways instead of a Garage.

This house has a full second story, not rooms tucked away in the attic. (RoofSlopeAngle does not work for me as far as being able to adjust individual parts of the roof. This is also why the roof over the front porch does not come out to the end of the porch.)

The house is smaller, but not by much, than the TS3 house and there are differences from the original floor plan.

Think that's about it... on to the good stuff...

**End of Disclaimers**

When I first saw the floorplans for this house, I was fascinated by the concept of a keeping room and wanted to build the house just because of it.

What is a keeping room, you ask?

I didn't know either and after a little research, I found 2 definitions.

#1 A keeping room is an area just off the kitchen of a home. Keeping rooms date back to Colonial times when families would sleep in that area when the rest of the house was cold. Since the area could be heated by the kitchen stove, it often provided the only heated place in the house. Today, a keeping room is called by many different names, depending on one's geographical location, such as a family room, a great room and a hearth room.

#2 A keeping room was also called a hall or in our day and age, a livingroom.


The MBR has a fireplace with a sitting area and its own private bathroom plus a walk in closet with changing mirrors. Apparently, when I did the master bedroom, I was in a blue and white contrast phase.

There is a formal living room in addition to the keeping room. A breakfast knook and a formal dining room as well.

There is another bathroom (other than the MBA) on the first floor.

The second floor has another bath, a nursery, and 3 bedrooms (one for a teen, the other two are for a younger boy and girl).

The house is fully decorated, but I have left some things out. Sims like buying things so its all good.


There is a patio off of the kitchen with a grill and a table. You should note, the BBQ grill is top of the line. There is a reason for this. There are some things we southerners do not bring up in conversation unless we're prepared for a hot debate: Politics, Religion and BBQ. Yes, we take our BBQ very seriously.

There is a little (not so) hidden garden under the willow tree near the pond.

There is room for a small garden in the back and room for a swingset on the west side near the pond.

I wowed myself with some of the night shots, maybe I'm just easily impressed... oh wait... that was the one I FUBARed Oh well, there's still a couple of nice night shots of this one, so take a look and decide for yourself. To see further pictures of the house and grounds, click Here

The original floor plans came from Authentic Historical Designs LLC. It is from their Louisiana Collection. The floor plan name is LA2134 Terre Bonne and can be found Here

Now, the CC..

Everything you need is included in the lot, but to give credit where it is due and well deserved.


I used the Liberated Plastic Flowers. (Bless her for freeing them!) which can be found Here


Lily's Secret Garden (I fell in love with this set the first time I saw it. I love the gentle glow of the torches)

( ** indicates the ones I *did not* use. I listed them incase you might be interested in the whole set)

Polygon Counts:
** Lillys Longfull Lamp : 627
** Lillys Birdbath : 514
Lilly leaf fountain : 514
** Crafty Geranium small :498
Crafty Geranium bigger :396
Lillys peaceful Patio Chair:1612
Prosperous Planters :168 each
Lillys touchy Torch :512

Verdent Velvet - Garden Greens

Polygon Counts:
The Mumbo Jumbo Grass:1080
Fugly Fern:300
Giggly Grasses:1080
Holy Hosta!:476
Mighty Miscanthus large:456
MightyMiscanthus small:547

Potty for Planters

(You'll find them in the plant/decor part of the catalogue). I listed this link so you can check it for the list of plants that can be used with Prosperous Planter. These other planters are definitely worth the download.

Furnished: 204,867
Shell: 68,635
Lot: 3x5

Special Thanks:

HystericalParoxysm & BuggyBooz for their wonderful work and generous policies.

SimmerinLalaLand for the house plan conversion sheet

Lot Size: 3x5
Lot Price: 204,867

Additional Credits:
The architects at Authentic Historical Designs LLC

Isobael Liu & Pixie Brat for the motivation to keep building houses they can play.

Number of bedrooms: 5 or more
Custom Content Included: Build and Buy Mode Content
Furnishings: Fully Furnished
Special Flags: Not Applicable

Tags: #4 bedroom, #nursery, #furnished, #multi-story, #parking space