GlassWood Bathroom Set - The Deco

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Uploaded: 15th Sep 2010 at 6:49 PM
Updated: 18th Sep 2010 at 8:01 AM
After much cursing and delaying: the GlassWood Bathroom Deco set. I'll be honest, I almost scrapped this set a million times. One thing I learned? I much prefer making furniture and bigger objects. From now on, I'll leave all the pretty little deco stuffs to those who do it so well. Even though I'm calling this done, I'm not completely happy with it. Still..all that said-

In this set:
8 towels- 4 hanging towels and 4 towel stacks.
2 lotion/soap bottles and a toothbrush cup with accompanying toothbrushes.
4 wicker baskets.
3 bottles of cologne.
A leaning towel rack.

*The towels are slaved to the master towel from the first set. IF you already have the hanging towel from that set, let the MASTER towel and recolors from this set replace the originals. I changed the towel a bit and they both have the same GUID.
The different towels- Hanging Towels 1 is the master and has 2 towels and a hand towel. Hanging Towels 2 is 2 single towels, no handtowel. Upper towels are for the leaning towels rack and are the same as Hanging towels 1. Lower towels are for the leaning towel rack and are the same as Hanging Towels 2. The 4 stacks are washcloths, hand towels, bath towels and a stack of all 3 together.
*The 2 lotion/soap bottles are slaved to the toothbrush cup. You need that for the bottles to work in game.
*The XLg, Med and Sm wicker baskets are slaved to the Lg basket. You need that for the other 3 sizes to work in game.
*The small squarish cologne bottle is the master for the other 2 bottles. You need that for the other 2 bottles to work in game.
*The leaning towel rack is slaved to the Bathroom Shelf from the first set. If you don't have that shelf, it is included in this upload (as a separate download) for convenience. There are 3 slots on each shelf, use "M" to cycle through them in game.
*The Kleenex! aren't slaved to anything. They're their very own, stand alone object. And I really like these little boxes for some reason. I think it's the textures I gave them!
*You WILL need to use "moveobjects on" to place the second set of towels on the leaning towel rack.
*All meshes should be basegame compatible.

The lotion/soap bottles and toothbrush cup- if they can't be picked up, deleted with the hammer tool or recolored with the design tool after placing, please let me know. I fixed the bounding box so they should be alright now.

The hanging towels can be found in Deco>Wall Hangings; the Leaning Towel Rack (and the Bathroom Shelf if you download it now) can be found in Surfaces>Shelves. Everything else can be found in Deco>Sculptures. The towel rack is 200 Simoleons. All the rest of it is cheap- 30 Simoleons and under.

Residential Collection File included - note that the leaning towel rack is not in the collection. I will redo the first set's collection file to include it.

Feel free to recolor. Recolor Hanging Towel 1 to recolor the towels. The Short cologne to recolor the cologne bottles. The Lg Wicker basket to recolor the baskets. The toothbrush cup to recolor the lotion/soap bottles. (The cap texture is on the toothrush texture.) The kleenex, just recolor. Recolor the Bathroom Shelf to recolor the leaning towel rack. The meshes can be included with your recolors and/or uploaded with a lot. (Link and credit!) No paysites or the Exchange, please.

GlassWood Bathroom (the furniture!) HERE

If the towel polys seem high, I just borrowed them from Maxis: moved them around, resized and remapped them.

Polygon Counts:
Hanging Towels 1 - f500, v325
Hanging Towels 2 - f334, v218
Upper Towels - f500, v325
Lower Towels - f334, v218
Big Stack of Towels - f754, v792
Bath Towel Stack - f190, v201
Hand Towel Stack - f190, v201
Washcloth Stack - f378, v398
Cologne 1 (short) - f150, v178
Cologne 2 (med) - f286, v173
Cologne 3 (tall) - f138, v133
Kleenex - f206, v276
Leaning Towel Rack - f276, v302
Lg Bottle - f384, v298
Sm Bottle - f384, v298
Toothbrush Cup - f266, v274
ALL wicker baskets - f230, v236 (XLg, Lg, Med AND Sm)

Additional Credits:
SimPe, MilkShape, PhotoShop CS2, and for this deco set- lauratje86, levini and amythestfenix in CF. Many thanks for your input and hope you're not sick of me yet..since there's more to come.