Twin Palms - Sand blows within..

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Uploaded: 14th Sep 2010 at 8:38 PM
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This was my Round 2 entry in the Foundations Competition that was run here at MTS about 6 weeks ago (I know, I've been slack about uploading it hehe). The original post can be found HERE, I did have to make one minor change from the original to post it here.. that being I changed the ceiling fan lights for a different one, as I can't find a link to the Banquett Fan I originally used (came free from The Sims Store, but seems no longer available).

Twin Palms
Sand blows within.. and without! Ever had that urge to live in a small Moroccan style village? Well now you can!! Just save up some Simoleans and you too can own your own little piece of Al Simhara!

2 Bedrooms
2 Bathrooms
Dining room
2 floor Livingroom / reading room

Special Features
Interesting Moroccan village style design
Oasis fishing pools (complete with Oasis fish)
Snake on a roof! (can you charm it?)
Horace the Security Camel (keeping his Eye out for bandits, robbers and other nefarious types, he stands ever vigilant and ready to raise the alarm!)

Furnished - $90,279
Unfurnished - $62,832

Other notes
I have tested this with sims and everything works / is accessible as it should be. Also the pictures are taken with the lot set as a "Vacation House" in Al Simhara for a more authentic deserty experience!

For those that may wish to use change the structure at all, I did use some CFE to get the split level stairs and the varying roof heights so watch out .

Custom Content
Generations Clock
Modern HDTV
Earth Day plants
Tomb Sled Sleeper
The Desert's End
Sippin Succulents (part of the Toyota Eco pack)
Explorer's Loot (various items0

That's all the extra pieces I can think of (all free from the Sims Store), the rest should be content that comes with the various expansion packs (WA, Amb, HEL) but if I missed anything please let me know and I'll add it to the list .

Lot Size: 3x3
Lot Price: see info

Additional Credits:
Thanks to HP for running that awesome contest and all the participants that helped set the bar so high!