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The House "Sims In Paris" Built (No CC, Minimal CC and CC Loaded Versions)

by StephSim Posted 26th Sep 2010 at 2:55 PM - Updated 18th Sep 2011 at 1:03 PM by StephSim : Cleaning Up Post
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*********TRIBUTE LOT*********
The House "Sims In Paris" Built (aka "La Maison" BEACH LOT) is the first in a series of houses designed to display the objects of specific Sim sites or individuals who create a multitude of house goodies for our Simmies. There are three versions of the house (one without CC, one with Minimal CC and one LOADED with Sims In Paris Content. If you do not wish to have the fully loaded version or would prefer to decorate the house with your favorite "Sims in Paris" objects, simply download the No CC version or the Minimal CC version and decorate to your liking. My goal is to provide you with the HOUSE to display the "Sims in Paris" objects. It's always about the house for me!

Being the first house, I had to feel my way around "how" to present the lot, so it's sort of experimental in that way. I promise future houses in this series will require less EPs and Stuff Packs for all 3 versions and will be less work on the downloader (as you will not have to chase down objects for the LOADED version). But, I have provided direct links below for the objects (as well as alternative sites. I assure you the LOADED version is worth the extra effort. With that said, I present The House "Sims in Paris" Built.

Before going any further, I realize the facade of the house is quite "simple" looking. But, you know the adage of not judging a book by it's cover! Take a look at the attached images and be sure to click on the virtual tour (found below in the LOADED Version section) to see more of the house. It is seemingly a one story house from the facade, but it is quite unique to behold in game. At any rate, do enjoy the download(s).


There are 3 versions of this house. I decided to upload this post with the "minimum" required EPs and STUFF Packs because the MTS filters will block those with fewer EPs from viewing this post.

* La Maison "Few EPs and NO CC" uses University, Night Life, Open For Business, Seasons and Bon Voyage "ONLY". This lot has no Custom Content and "DOES NOT" require additional downloads.

* La Maison "Maxified" and "Sims In Paris" use ALL EPs and ALL STUFF Packs. These 2 lots "DO" contain Custom Content and both require additional downloads.

Basically, download the lot(s) that are compatible with the Sims 2 EPs and STUFF Packs you have.


House History:
The "Sims in Paris" site officially closed on September 10, 2010. The furnishings created by Delphine and Jasmine are quite stunning to behold. This beach house is a tribute to the site and the fabulous Sims 2 furnishings created there. "Sims In Paris" has a an opened File Sharing policy as long as credit is given and the items remain free. For those of you who choose to download the "Sims In Paris" CC LOADED lot, several sites will be hosting their files. There are 3 sites that I am aware of that plan to host these files. They are "Black Pearl Sims", "Cherry Blossom Sims" and "Blacky's Sims Zoo". I have provided direct links below to get the CC you need from "Blacky's Sims Zoo" (but it is a German based site that you must register for). The files are also available at Black Pearl Sims now (a direct link to the Sims in Paris downloads is provided below).


1. VERSION ONE - "La Maison: Few EPs & No CC" Version
* This is the Original House Design in simple Sim form.
* I actually had to create this version last from scratch using "Any Game Starter" because I wanted to have something for those with minimal EPs and NO Stuff Packs to enjoy!
* This version was created using Nightlife, University, Opened For Business, Seasons and Bon Voyage.
* This version contains NO CUSTOM CONTENT. No Additional Downloads are needed for this lot!

Lot Size: 3x5 BEACH LOT
FEW EP - NO CC VERSION Price: 265,426
Number of Bedrooms: 2
Number of Bathrooms: 3

Lot Description:
The house is a Traditional Maxis Style Beach House. Outdoors there is a
Beach, 1 Car Parking, Outdoor Jacuzzi & Barbecue Area, Covered Front Porch, Rear Balcony, and a Potting Shed. The Main Floor has a Living Room, Office Space, Radio Corner, Dining Room (Seats 4), Bedroom (Sleeps 2), Master Bathroom, Guest Bathroom and a Patio Deck. The Basement Level includes a Small Art Studio, 2nd Bedroom, 3rd Bathroom and Laundry/Exercise Room.

***(See Images At the End of the Post for More "Visual" Details of the Interior)***


2. VERSION TWO - "La Maison: MAXIFIED" Version
* This is the MAXIFIED VERSION of "La Maison" decorated mainly using Maxis completer sets, recolors & retextures.
* This lot was created using ALL EPs and STUFF Packs.
- 5 Additional Downloads ARE required for this lot.

I removed them from the Downloads folder before zipping the lot to meet MTS size restrictions. Click on the 5 links just below to download the following items and add them to your Downloads Folder for this lot to show properly:
* Deva Girl's "Ascension" Nightlife Painting
* Luslipz's "Breakfast Tray Mesh"
* Xanathon's "1940's Old Fashioned Radio"
* FreeSimmy's Party Time "Buffet Recolor_1" (Gray and White Floral)
* Cokenasmile's "Mission" Mesh White Porch Swing

Lot Size: 3x5 BEACH LOT
Number of Bedrooms: 2
Number of Bathrooms: 3

Lot Description:
The house is a RENOVATED and SLIGHTLY UPDATED Maxis Style Beach House. Outdoors there is a Beach, 1 Car Parking, Outdoor Jacuzzi & Barbecue Area, Tanning Area, Covered Front Porch and a Potting Shed. The Main Floor has a Living Room, Office Space, Radio/Reading Corner, Dining Room (Seats 4), Bedroom (Sleeps 2), Master Bathroom, Guest Bathroom and a Patio Deck. The Basement Level has an Art Studio (Leading to Jacuzzi Patio), 2nd Bedroom, 3rd Bathroom and a Laundry/Exercise Room.

***(See Images At the End of the Post for More "Visual" Details of the Interior)***


3. VERSION THREE - "La Maison: SIMS IN PARIS" Version
NOTE:While I could have included "Sims in Paris" items in the lot, I wanted this lot to truly be a tribute house and showcase a variety of thier creations without sacrificing the "look" I was trying to achieve by mixing and matching the "Sims In Paris" content. Each room has something from the "Sims In Paris" Collection and is meant to honour the creations of that site over all else.

- CLICK HERE TO TAKE A TOUR of the Sims In Paris "Tribute House" VIA Slideshow

Lot Size: 3x5 BEACH LOT
"SIMS IN PARIS" VERSION Price: 312,420
Number of Bedrooms: 2
Number of Bathrooms: 3

Lot Description:
The house is an OVERHAULED & REMODELED "Sims In Paris" Style Beach House. The Outdoors includes a Beach, 1 Car Parking, Outdoor Jacuzzi & Barbecue Area, Tanning Area, Covered Front Porch and a Potting Shed. The Main Floor has a Living Room, Office Space, Radio Corner, Dining Room (Seats 4), Bedroom (Sleeps 2), Master Bathroom, Guest Bathroom and a Patio Deck. The Basement Level includes an Art Studio (Leading to Jacuzzi Patio), 2nd Bedroom, 3rd Bathroom and a Laundry/Exercise Room.


* This is the "Sims In Paris" REMODELED Version of "La Maison".
* This lot was created using ALL EPs and STUFF Packs.
* Additional Downloads are needed for this lot! YOU MUST download the following "Sims in Paris" objects and add them to your Downloads folder before entering the lot or the lot will pretty much be useless. After all this is a TRIBUTE HOUSE!

There are Two Ways to get the Sims in Paris objects needed for this lot.

1st: Register and Download from Black Pearl You may use the list below to get what you need.


2nd: "Blacky's Sims Zoo" is a German Language site, but if you are registered at "Blacky's Sims Zoo", the following direct links will take you to the Downloads needed to bring your "Sims In Paris" house to life. The specific items necessary for the lot to show properly in your game are in parenthesis for those your convenience!

Bathroom Set 2 (Tub, Vanity)
Bathroom Set 3 (Laundry Basket, Shower, Sink)
Bathroom Set 4 (Rug, Sink, Towel Rack, Armchair)

Bedroom Set 2 (Gong, Painting)
Bedroom Set 4 (Curtains)
Bedroom Set 5 (Chandelier, Bed, Coffeetable, Both Curtains)
Bedroom Set 7 (Bed, Lamp, Mirror, Painting, Screen)
Nursery 5 (Armchair)

Kitchen Set 1 (Chair, Table, Coffee Decor)
Kitchen Set 2 (Chair)
Kitchen Set 3 (Bar Chair, Cabinet, Counter, Fridge, Island, Stove)
Kitchen Set 4 (Bar, Deco - Pots, Wall Deco - Cabinet/Shelf)

Living Room 3 (Deco Plato, Wall Lamp)
Living Room 4 (Curtain, Deco Fruit, Fireplace)
Living Room 5 (Chandelier, Clock, Both Curtains)
Living Room 6 (Armchair, Cabinet, Coffee Table)
Living Room 7 (Armchair, Cabinet, Coffee Table, Mirror, Sofa)

Cafe Set (Table, Chair, Menu Decor)
Outdoor Set 1 (Chair, Sofa, Table, Fountain, Hottub)
Outdoor Set 2 (Large Hanging Seat)
Outdoor Set 3 (Deco Juice, Armchair)
Wall Set 1 (Wall 1-6)
Wall Set 2 (Wall 2-1, Wall 2-10, Wall 2-23, Wall 2-36)
Wall and Floor Set (Wall 3-6, Wall 3-13 and Floor 1-7)


- Cautions & Subtle Imperfections About SIMS IN PARIS OBJECTS!
*The bedding has been removed from most of the Sims in Paris beds, which means that your Sims will actually lay ON the covers and not cover-up properly. If you prefer the Maxis versions, I suggest finding another bed where the animations have not been removed. I did use 2 Sims In Paris beds where the bedding animations have been removed. While your Sims cannot cover up properly, they will sleep and relax on the bed. Just something to think about. I guess this is more about size and beauty over perfect functionality.

*The height of the Outdoor Cafe table in the Dining Room is a bit too high. Plates slightly sink into the table. I suggest replacing the dining table set with another of your choosing if this will bother you!

*The Sims In Paris Shower and Fireplace Used have Ceiling Footprints that poke through on the second floor. Luckily, there is no 2nd Floor for them to Poke through in the areas where I used them! They do poke through in the Roof Space, but in this lot it is not a livable space and I concealed them by making them a part of the design.

*While I "DID NOT" use the floral bathroom mat in Bathroom Set 3, it was created from a Maxis Vase and the Vase "properties" were not fully removed. When you download the set, I wouldn't advise adding it in your game because your Sims will be frustrated if it is blocking something like the sink, tub or toilet. Again, I "DID NOT" use the floral bathmat rug in my "Sims In Paris" lot at all.


1. This is a BEACH LOT. Beach Lots work best when placed on the Neighborhood Map they were created on. All Versions of La Maison were created using the Maxis/EA "BLUEWATER" Neighborhood Map in the game. I included a "Placement Image" in the main Zips. Also, I do believe that lots that include Camping Tents, help the beach to lock in place without have "floating" beach items. It's just a theory at the moment, but so far all tests have held up! This lot contains a Maxis Camping Tent.

2. This lot has a raised, complex entrance...which means Visitor Simmies and Delivery Simmies will go the Basement Door in the back of the house instead of using the Front Door. There is a solution! You may wish to lock your sideyard gates IN ADDITION TO using the Front Door Hack.
This Front Door Hack works BEAUTIFULLY and I was SO HAPPY when I found it. This lot has an amazing "MUST SEE" layout and this hack makes it user friendly!

3. Just in case you are not aware, Maxis created an annoyance concerning fireplaces. When you place several rugs in 1 room and include a fireplace (sometimes regardless of how close you place the rugs to the fireplace), if an "unskilled" Sim lights the fireplace, it will more than likely set the room ablaze shortly thereafter. This can be a nuisance and there are several things you can do to prevent this situation.
* Using a Freetime Bookshelf, have your Sims aquire Fire Safety knowledge/skills.
* Once your Sim has the skills, he/she should be able to click on the fireplace and Fireproof it.
* Add a Fireproof Hack to your Downloads THIS SIMSKY FIREPROOF COOKING MOD FROM DAVE LUV.

4. There are a few invisible Barrel objects used as OMSPs (Placement Slots) to place items on surfaces they were not meant to go on. I use these because with 2 barrels, I can place objects anywhere I want thanks to Sophie-David and his forethought to make the barrels invisible, multi-slotted and adjustable height. For these reasons they are better than any collection OMSPs out there for me. I also used the visible barrels on the lot as well just as a reminder. Since I made several of the barrels invisible, if you are moving things and see floating items or find a tile that Simmies keep walking around after rearranging things a bit, there is more than likely an invisible barrel occupying that tile. Simply click on that spot and delete the invisible barrel!

5. The sidewalk covering the driveway in each lot should be replaced with the appropriate Tarmac or Brick Floor Tile in the game. I would replace it if I could, but when lots reload, the sidewalk will revert back to the original Maxis state so you must change this on your own.

6. There are Nonzippable Maxis/EA Recolours in the "Sims in Paris" version and the "Maxified" version zip Files that need to be added to your Downloads folder for the lots to show properly. Keep this in mind.

7. All lots have been thoroughly play tested and they work beautifully. The Maxis recolour version seems to take a "little" longer to load, but nothing of great significance.


1.This lot has been built with a basement foundation. The back portion of the house is 2 stories. I spent a bit of time figuring out how to get "light" in the windows as there is not a really great Step-by-Step Tutorial for this. However, using techniques I employed with my first Hogwarts Castle and various general "Basement" threads on various sites (including Plasticboxes "Observation on Foundations" thread here at MTS), I managed to build a realistic "Well Lit" Partial Basement lot. After all the Basement Room in this lot is an Artist Studio!

2. Most of the outdoor and indoor plants (created by Plasticbox and Parsimonious Sims 2) are "fake" - meaning they require no watering or maintenance. Several of the Parsimonious plants work as lights.

3. There is a working bar and an island area in the kitchen. Please be aware of this!

4. While this lot is a TRIBUTE to Sims in Paris, I also used a variety of decorative elements from MTS Creators, Tarox Creators and Parsimonious Sims 2 Creators to bring this lot to life. A special "THANK YOU" to all the creators who have objects used in this lot!

5. These lots have many PLUS FACTORS including great attention to detail that include light switches, soap dishes, toothbrushes and closet clutter. The rooms are spacious and every room (including the Laundry Room) serves a functional purpose. You get the best of all worlds because your Simmies have a Covered Front Porch, Self-Maintaining Gardens/Plants, a Beach To Swim in, etc. This would make a perfect Vacation Getaway for your City Dwelling Sims. The house has spectacular verandahs and beach views! It's so amazing I simply spent a great deal of time literally staring out at the beach from the bedroom window!

Do enjoy these lots!


* I added a water heater/air conditioner closet in the basement of each lot.
CLICK HERE to download Nikki Bailey's Hot Water Heater.

* Seeing that I used the Maxis/EA vents, I think you may want to add an exterior AC unit outside of your home.
CLICK HERE to download Indigo Rage's Air Conditioner Unit.

* There is a small golf putting green on the beach. You may wish to add a Golfing Clutter by Kevin's Hope.
CLICK HERE to download a bit of Golf Clutter.

* If you would like for your simmies to have a bit of camping gear by the campfire on the beach, CLICK HERE to download Fairywitch Sims' Camping Set. (Scroll Down About Mid Page)

* Just for General Information: CLICK HERE to see ALL "SIMS IN PARIS" DOWNLOADS AVAILABLE at BLACKYS SIM ZOO (4 Pages)


Custom Content by Me:
- Dark Stone Floor
- Light Ornate Floor
- Charmed Kitchen Striped Floor
- Beach Grass Terrain 1
- Lake H2O A Terrain
- Red Mulch Terrain
- Medieval Terrain 7
- Dark Stone Wall
- Harry Potter Brick Wall 4
- Deep Red Shag Carpet Floor
- Red Shag Carpet Floor
- Grassy Snow Terrain
- Gravel Stone Terrain
- Lichen 3 Terrain
- Moss Brick Terrain
- Warbird Wardroom Wall
- 4 Star Trek Academy Walls

Maxis Recolours Used (Included In The Necessary Zips):
- Maxis OFB Euro Build White Door 3 by Ailias
- Small Botanical Painting #5 by Magnoliae
- 2 Abstract Paintings by nea200pl
- "Orchids" and "Shells" Grilled Cheese" De Villeneuve Bath/Spa Prints by Ciane
- 5 Garden and Orchid Setting Villenneuve Floral Dining Prints by Ciane
- Seasons Furniture White Recolours (Dresser, Endtable, Armoire) by Alidarivera
- Satin Bedding and Matching Table Lamp by Aszek
- Seasons in White Recolours (Bed, Floor Mirror, Spice Rack) by sissimoody
- Vintage Paiting by Omer.Z
- White Vanity Table by angel_f
- Blue Table Top for Vanity Table by fizzbin
- White Mission Coffee Table by Eagle77
- 4 Oriental Scroll Recolours by Kims*Designs
- 3 "B Stroke" Paintings (1 Blue and 2 Red) by Kims*Designs
- 3 Modern Maxis Rug Recolors Set 1 and Set 4 (Dark Brown, Orange, Sunbursts) by cnj6768
- 2 Herbal Paintings (Chives and Thyme)by CindyOCCA
- White Adirondack Lounger, Chair and End Table by goderguy
- 3 Adirondack Seating Recolours (31, 32, 37) by Calalily Sims
- Maxis Curtain Recolours (Bordello 52 and 53) by Calalily Sims
- Maxis Curtain Recolours (Chic Curtains 12) by Calalily Sims
- EKTORP Blue and White Striped Chair and Love Seat by MenaceMan44
- Vertical Magazine Rack Recolour by Numenor
- Aqua Round Rug Recolour by suicidetekky
- Marbled Rock Hot Tub Recolour by Tazzianna
- "Tres Musicos" Picasso Print by kopple36
- Bamboo Rug by mochashake
- Maxis Rug Recolors (9 and 15) by roya_belle

Custom Content Included:
- 1 and 2 Tile Lafenetre Square Windows by tbudgett
- Books by Adele
- Briefcase by Adele
- Purses I, V and VI by Adele
- Wedding Bouquet and Red Recolour by Adele
- Modern Connective Wall Spot Lights by Ailias
- Modern Round Light by Ailias
- Wood 2 Edge Smoother Fence by Ailias
- Decorative Binder/Folder by fee Essen
- Covered Paint Canvases by Tarox
- Filled Laundry Basket by Besen
- Cedar Wood Floor by indycent
- Ironing Table by Dara Savelly
- Fresh Cherry Pie Decor by luslipz73
- Bed Tray by luslipz73
- Counter Clutter 2 by luslipz73
- Electric Toothbrush Decor by fee Essen
- European Style Light Switch by KevinsHope
- LG Washer Machine by Fresh-Prince
- N65 Festive Tablecloth Recolour 7 by Grito
- House Shoes (Pink & Brown Flip Flops) by fee Essen
- Pile of Pencils by hippi
- Sketch Pad and Pencils by hippi
- Watercolour Box by hippi
- Adelle Dining Chair & Floral Blue Recolour by HolySimoly
- 1 and 2 Tile Cornerstone Victoriana Curtain (Bed Matching) by IgnorantBliss
- "Chequered Past" Plant by Parsimonious Sims 2
- "Dora Dulce" Plant by Parsimonious Sims 2
- "Eponymous Garden" Plants (Fern, Foxgloves, Lily, Motherwort) by Parsimonious Sims 2
- Rustic Deco Vase & 3 Recolours by Parsimonious Sims 2
- "Resistable" Original Painting & 4 Recolours by Parsimonious Sims 2
- Basic Cushion Mesh & 11 Recolours by Parsimonious Sims 2
- "Trading Places" Earthenware Jug by Parsimonious Sims 2
- "Pirate Bay" Pottery Dishes by Parsimonious Sims 2
- "Trading Places" Tall Vase & 2 Recolours by Parsimonious Sims 2
- The "Any-Wear" Coat Hook by MaryLou & Numenor
- White Recolour of Numenor's Vertical Magazine Rack by Menaceman44
- Festive Tablecloth Mesh by Simscrossing
- Laundry Detergent by nikkibailey
- Vertical Magazine Rack by Numenor
- Wicker Linen Basket by Mummysim
- Square Painting 1207 & Recolours 1, 8 and 9 by Avalon
- Wall Outlet by KevinsHope
- Fern in a Pot by plasticbox
- Fig Tree in a Pot by plasticbox
- Oleander in a Pot by plasticbox
- Another Rubber Plant in a Pot by plasticbox
- Bougainvillea in a Pot by plasticbox
- Small Rubber Plant by plasticbox
- Mini Rubber Tree in a Pot by plasticbox
- Outlet With Cord by KevinsHope
- Potting bench by mike19
- RggdyAnne's Decorative Shoe Meshes by Sims 2 Artists
- Chair Bucket by Sophie-David
- Horizonatal Sack & 2 Recolours Master by Sophie-David
- Simple Barrel by Sophie-David
- Upturned "Table" Bucket by Sophie-David
- Trash Barrel Mesh by Sophie-David
- Soap Dish by feeEssen
- Frame for custom paintings #2 by Shoukeir
- Bathroom Clutter by simsistic
- Book Clutter by simsistic
- Vintage Transistor Radio by shannanisims
- Rocks Fence by TheJim07 @ mts2
- Toilet Paper Wall Decor by Tarox Sims 2
- 2 *Bling* Glass Tile Walls by mlefay21
- Ailias Modern Ball Light & Wood Recolour by Ailias
- Artist's Stool by Tarox
- Giggly Grasses by buggybooz
- Large Planter No. 2 by buggybooz
- Invisible Window by rebecah
- Flower Pot by Tarox
- Cabinet Clutter 3 by luslipz73
- Frosted Glass Subway Tile Floor by mlefay21
- Paint Tubes by hippi
- "Arabatics" Artwork by Parsimonious Sims 2
- "Mobius" Buffet Table by Parsimonious Sims 2
- Music stand by Lethe_s
- Hanging Flower Bracket by Menaceman44
- Medium Wood Recolour of Numenor's Vertical Magazine Rack by Shoukeir
- Hydrangea in a Pot by plasticbox
- Tulips in a Vase by plasticbox
- Antique Painting Easel by Tarox Sims 2
- 2 Frosted Glass Subway Walls (Blue & Green) by mlefay21
- Ubero Outside Wall # 3 by Ailias
- Lafenetre Glass Door & Black Recolour by windkeeper
- Xanathon HighTech Light Panel Type "Flat" (middle version) by xanathon
- Xanathon Radio by xanathon

*******ENJOY THE DOWNLOADS!*******

This is a multi-part download:

There are 3 lots here. Lot 1 uses Night Life, University, Open For Business, Seasons and Bon Voyage and contains NO Custom Content. No extra downloads are necessary for this version. Lot 2 uses ALL EPs and STUFF Packs and is mainly decorated with Maxis Recolours. There are 5 extra items to download for Lot 2. Lot 3 uses ALL EPs and Stuff Packs and is decorated using "Sims In Paris" items. You must download the Sims In Paris objects for the lot to show properly.

Download files

Filename Size Downloads Date

Size: 10.00 MB · Downloads: 1,564 · 26th Sep 2010
10.00 MB 1,564 26th Sep 2010

Size: 9.92 MB · Downloads: 1,293 · 26th Sep 2010
9.92 MB 1,293 26th Sep 2010

Size: 1.38 MB · Downloads: 1,437 · 26th Sep 2010
1.38 MB 1,437 26th Sep 2010

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Expansion/Stuff packs required:
Sims 2 University Nightlife Open for Business Seasons Bon Voyage

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Number of bedrooms: 2 Bedrooms
Custom Content Included: None Build and Buy Mode Content
Furnishings: Fully Furnished
Special Flags: Beach Lot

Tags: #La Maison, #Beach House, #beach lot, #No Custom Content, #No CC, #Minimal EPs, #3 x 5, #5 x 3, #Bluewater, #Bluewater Neighborhood, #Sims In Paris, #SIP, #tribute, #StephSim