Hysterically Retro Dress

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Uploaded: 24th Sep 2010 at 3:13 PM
Updated: 29th Jun 2011 at 8:05 PM by whiterider
Have your sims ever wanted to look like they've fallen off the box of a jumble sale board game, or Frolic Properly in a dress which totally defies the laws of physics? No? Well then, you've no sense of style whatsoever.

This outfit is based on a drawing by the ridiculously talented HP; it's undergone a certain amount of artistic... redirection since inception, but I think it comes across as appropriately frivolous nonetheless.

It's quite simple, really - a cute panelled dress, loose flouffy cardigan, and... OMGWTFRUFFLES! The ruffles were an absolute bitch to draw, but I think I'm happy with this, the fifth attempt. I hope your beruffled sim ladies will feel appropriately awesome with these tickling their legs.

The dress is available for adults and young adults - I might do a teen version if I can ever get the morphs to co-operate - in everyday and formal. It's also enabled for career, for any of your ununiformed sims; and has a rather nice fat morph, if I do say so myself.

You may see some distortion on extremely fat sims - 100% fat and 100% muscles - I do apologise for this, but it's not too bad.

By default, it comes in three designs - the classic blue, a light summery version, and an exceedingly classy formal design with added glitter.

There are four recolourable channels; the first is the skirt and the neck of the dress, the second is the corsetty bit, the third is the cardigan and the fourth is the belt and ruffles. See the attached pic if you're still unsure.

Remesh, rehash, retexture, recycle, include, turn it upside down and shake it... do what you like, just keep it free, and give me credit with a link, either to this thread or to my profile. I'd also love it if you'd drop me a PM so I can see what you've done - but that's not a requirement.
If you want to edit this, you can find meshes (ms3d) and textures (psd) in my journal.

Polygon Counts:
LOD1: 3890
LOD2: 1926
LOD3: 830

Additional Credits:
Delphy and jonha, of course, for CTU; all the folks in #create for criticism, and the authors of numerous tutorials, none of which I can now specifically remember reading but all of which contributed.

Most importantly, though, HP - for the beautiful drawing which inspired this.

Model Credits:
Roxie is a sim by HP, wearing earrings by RainNCandy.
Mi-Kwan is a sim by Sisaly, wearing a hair by XM Sims and earrings by Annihilation.
Kaierah is wearing a hair by Cazy (not currently available).
All my models are wearing LadyFrontbum's Busty St Claire skin, and various makeup by LFB, emmzx, dal, and HP.