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Maxis Modular Stairs Recolored, Part the First

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Uploaded: 5th Oct 2010 at 1:57 AM
So. I recolored 5 Maxis wood floors in a uniform palette of 20 colors, and they're available here. I tend to use wood floors extensively inside Sim houses, but I also use them outside to make decks and porches. Decks and porches need modular stairs (but they can be used indoors, too, of course). But Maxis's choices of modular stairs...Well, heck, they don't even match THEIR OWN wood floors, much less my recolors.

But thankfully, two far-more-awesome-than-me people have made a selection of the Maxis modular stairs recolorable. So, I recolored my little heart out. And now I offer the results for download, each stair in the same 20-color palette that I created and used for the floors. That way, they do the whole matchy-match thing that makes me a very happy little obsessive person. I'm uploading each stair I've recolored separately, mainly because a lot of pics are involved here and putting all of the stairs I recolored into one large download got a little...Well, large. There will also be matching fences, maybe some lattice, and a good selection of various columns coming along shortly, so that you can build complete, fully-matching decks/porches in various styles. What a concept!

So, first up, the basic deck stairs, which Numenor made recolorable by working magic that overrides Maxis's code. So, you don't need scripts to make these recolors work, but you WILL need Numenor's override, or these won't show in your game at all. Download the override here!

All of the floors I recolored match these stairs color-wise, but I think some look better than others style-wise. The one I like best for these stairs is the Limber Timber Decking, although the Smitty's Distressed Floor looks really nice, too. But in the pics here, there is one square of the matching Limber Timber Decking recolor that I created, just to show you how they match.

Here be the pics, all 20 colors, taken in-game:

If you've never used these recolorable stairs before, please note that they don't work exactly like "normal" recolors. You place a run of the modular deck stairs (The brown color, not the "Arboreal Ascendency" green one), put up railings if you want them, and then afterwards you use the design tool to select and recolor each step with its attached rail individually. Unfortunately, the recolor names aren't labeled and you might not be able to tell easily which color is which just by looking at the little thumbnails. But with a little trial and error, it really isn't too hard to figure out which stair goes with which floor.

The packages within the rar file are all compressed to be as kind to your Downloads folder as possible. The files are also clearly named so that you can easily discard the colors you don't like or won't use.

I hope that you might find these useful!