Colonial Patio Doors

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Uploaded: 10th Oct 2010 at 4:01 PM
Updated: 26th May 2012 at 12:13 PM
Updated for Pets and patch

The two colonial windows with rounded heads are two windows that I like and use a lot. The problem is that there are no matching doors. What do you do? Yes you'll have to make some yourself. To make it the one-tile-door was relatively problem-free, unfortunately it was big problems with the two-tile-door. For that it would act as I wished, I had to move the hinge position which meant that I had to change the join works, etc. I would never be able to do without the help of cmomoney and atavera here on MTS. I want to thank them very much.


1-tile-door will cost $ 195 and 2-tile-door $ 335. Both are among the other doors in the Build Objects Catalogue.

Both doors have four color channels.

Polygon Counts:
1-tile door: 487 vertices and306 faces
2-tile door: 1156 vertices and856 faces

Additional Credits:
Many thanks to cmomoney and atavera, EA for the game, the developers of the tools and the autors of tutorials