Angelina Ballerina Girls PJ Set

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Uploaded: 16th Oct 2010 at 4:23 AM
Angelina Ballerina is my daughters fave show so with that in mind I decided to create 5 outfits for bedtime!

These are all Maxis recolors so no additional meshes are required.

~ So first we have a warm set of PJs with long sleeves for winter which only requires the base game.

~ 2nd is a lovely pair of lavender undies (can also be worn as swim wear) that are great for summer! Base game only required

~ 3rd is a cuddly dressing gown with PJs underneath, perfect for snowy nights. Requires Kitchen and Bath Interior Design Stuff

~ 4th is a very pretty long nightie which requires Family Fun Stuff

~ Last we have a singlet and shorts (also can be worn as underwear) which are great for warm nights! Requires base game!

If you dont have FF or KB stuff packs then you can still download this set and just delete the corresponding files (Dgown and Nightie files)

I hope your Sims girls adore their new PJs!!!