Caribbean Village

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Uploaded: 20th Oct 2010 at 2:26 PM
Updated: 20th Oct 2010 at 7:39 PM
The Caribbean Village

Expansion Pack 1 (World adventures) required
Expansion Pack 2 (Ambitions) required
Saved with game version
Furnished: 421,154
Unfurnished: 283,147
Size: 60x60

Hint: The volcano fire and smoke can be turned on/off by a hidden trigger near by.

What else can be found here?
- Small farm house
- Second farm house
- Church
- Storage building
- Pirates Inn
- Destroyed house
- Two empty building for your purposes
- Rich citizen house
- Governors house
- Fort
- Volcano
- Brewery
- Small market place
(Parking lots are hidden underground)

Have fun!

Seen on the pictures but NOT included:
Thanks to all creators!

3 Fabulous Volcanic Terrains by Simmiller I highly recommend these terrain paints!!! So get it!!!
Spinning Wheel by Hekate999
Communication Equipement from great-grandfather by Lisen801
More flags for your Sims. Now placeable on residential lots (get the pirate flag here) by Lisen801
Ancient Fountain by silverfox

Other Creators:
Farm Conversion (Animals) by Infusorian
More Than A Game - Decorative Playing Cards by RD from Repulsively Desirous Creations
Rattan Outdoor set.Canope by JS from Vitasims3
Glasses by Simcredible!
Church Set by aroundthesims3 (Altar, Lectern, Stoup, Clock, Chalice, Harmonium, Candles, Candles Holder, Bench)
Books by aroundthesims3
Cage by Victor_tor
Mushrooms, crows, frogs, duck, baby-ducks by Helen
Dogs and snake by Helen

EA-store: free
Harvest Bounty
Earth Day
Explorers Loot
In the Dawn of Sims
Let there be Sims!

EA-store: buy ..yeah a lot of stuff, but just deco.
The Banner of the Bold: 25 SimPoints
Check This Home Hokey Table: 75 SimPoints
Gothique Painting: 25 SimPoints
Pails in Comparison: 25 SimPoints
Never-Spill Bucket: 25 SimPoints
Captain Brassbeard's Anchor: 25 Simpoints
Corsair's Cannon: 25 Simpoints
The Wandering Wheel: 25 Simpoints
Knighting of Sir Asad: 25 Simpoints
Country Carved Tableware Cabinet: 25 Simpoints
Pastoral Practical Kitchen Shelf: 25 Simpoints
Fraud Laug: 25 Simpoints
Gothique Relics: 25 Simpoints
Gothique Candle Stool: 25 Simpoints
Pedro Estate Candelabra: 25 Simpoints
Pedro Estate Chandelier : 25 Simpoints
Gothique Window: 100 SimPoints

Big thanks to all creators who allowed me to include their great stuff!

Thanks SimsTrastos for
bottle, fruit-box, barrel with mushrooms, chopping block, logs, ivy, barrel-table, barrel-chair, broom, well (animated), flowers, hallstand, key hooks, umbrella stand, cellar set
Two timekeepers by Lisen801

When you place the lot in your world, have a close look at the ground painting,.. if you feel it doesn't look right, then please turn the lot around before placing! That's a general problem when placing lots with ground paint, it has nothing to do with my lot.

Lot Size: 60x60
Lot Price: 421154