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Cast Iron Stair and matching Fence

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Uploaded: 27th Oct 2010 at 5:26 AM
Updated: 27th May 2012 at 11:22 AM
Updated for Pets and patch and tested in game

There is now a small corner filling you can use if you build a balcony and have the round corner. It have three color channels so you can match it with your floor.

When placing the stairs don't use automatic railings or you will get a wooden railing!
First place the stairs and then the suitable railing

I have no cast-iron staircase that was in Sims1 and sims2 and was therefore forced to make one myrself. Unfortunately I can not make a spiral staircase which I also miss alot. When I was at it I also made a matching railing and fence of the same design.

All three have three color channels. At delivery, all in galvanized so I encourage you to color sets in an appropriate manner.

Fences are in a version for the Base Game.
You muct not have World Adventure to use this set. The difference is that the height do not correctly match so if you want to place a lamps on the poles it will be a small gap.

There is a EA-gate matching the fence.

The staircase cost $ 60 and the fence $ 30. For some reason I do not understand, the railing costs nothing. The corner filling cost $ 10 and you can find it among the statues in the decoration directory.

Polygon Counts:
Staircase: 560 vertices and 356 faces
Railing: 222 vertices and 126 faces
Fence: 108 vertices and 54 faces
Corner filling: 34 vertices and 24 faces

Additional Credits:
As always I first of all thanks EA for this marvellous game, the developers of the tools for creating, the autors of tutorials here and there and all the helpful folks on the forums.