Ooglybooglywoogly! Halloween Masks for Everyone!

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Uploaded: 30th Oct 2010 at 11:56 PM
Updated: 6th Mar 2011 at 4:32 PM by whiterider
Patch 1.17: If you have patch 1.17 or higher, these will look weirdly shiny in CAS. Since the problem only occurs in CAS, I won't fix it - they work fine in-game.

It's Hallowe'en, and your simmies need something to scare away the evil spirits! You could teach them all the Thriller dance, you could take 'em to Bridgeport and turn them into vampires or you could, heaven forbid, dress them all up like Graham Norton - no, I'm pretty confident that these truly terrifying masks are by far the best option. There's no use scaring away the evil spirits if your simmies are all left traumatised by their own reflections, after all.

And I'd say these masks work; after all, you wouldn't want to meet this lot down a dark alley, would you?

This set consists of three fantastically frightening masks (complete with cheap elastic which will snap at the drop of a hat. Don't believe me? Go make a sim drop a hat), each available for both genders, in all categories (except naked) and for ages child and up. The masks are categorised as glasses.

The child files are separate from the teen-elder files, so if you feel that your simmies should give up such foolish pursuits as shouting "Boo!" at cats once they start to understand the meaning of the word "immature", you can withhold that joy from them. But on the other hand - just look at old Mrs Waxy. How can you not want that in your game?!

Does anyone else get the feeling that one of those disguises is a double-bluff?

By default, each mask comes in three designs: a "realistic" design, a slightly odd alternate design, and a less gory design for the sensitive young (or old) sim.

All masks are, of course, also recolourable as follows:
The Vampire mask has four channels. The first is the skin, the second is the blood, the third is the lips, and the fourth is the elastic. The eyeliner, eyebrows and non-blooded parts of the fangs are not recolourable.
The Frankenstein mask has four channels. The first is the skin, the second is the bolts, the third is the stitching, the fourth is the elastic.
The Witch mask has three channels. The first is the skin, the second is a translucent lip tint, and the third is the elastic.

A huge thankyou to the lovely LadyFrontbum for allowing me to use her Naughty & Nice elder face as a base for the witch texture!

Known Issues
For some reason, EA hate accessories. If a sim is wearing one accessory, the textures are crisp and beautiful: if they wear two or more accessories, the game uses a lower detail texture. The difference in quality isn't huge, but there is a difference. All of these pics, except the outdoors one, are taken with no other accessories - you can see the difference in the outdoors pic; compare Frank and Pasty Teenager's masks in that picture, where they're also wearing gloves, with their masks in the other pictures.

Since these are, well, masks, you will see clipping with some hairstyles. You may also see clipping on sims with exceedingly large features, mainly noses - this is mostly an issue only if you use a slider multiplier hack. The same goes for fat sims - EA maximum fat doesn't clip, but if you go above the EA limits then I can't predict what'll happen.

The child witch mask looks mad trippin' in CAS. I have no idea why - it looks just fine in-game, and all the other masks are fine in CAS. If you have any brilliant theories as to what I can do about this, please speak up.

Remesh, rehash, retexture, reconstitute, include, carve a funny face in it and stick a candle inside - do as you like, just keep it free and give me credit, with a link to this thread or to my profile.
If you want to edit this, you can find meshes (ms3d) and textures (psd) in my journal.

Polygon Counts:
Witch, both versions: LOD0 & LOD1: 1761 - LOD2: 692 - LOD3: 250
Frankenstein, both versions: LOD0 & LOD1: 1599 - LOD2: 547 - LOD3: 283
Vampire, both versions: LOD0 & LOD1: 1480 - LOD2: 589 - LOD3: 348

Additional Credits:
Thankyou very much, as always, to Delphy and jonha for CTU, Inge and Peter for S3PE, LFB (again!) for that lovely texture, and student fatigue, which allowed me to do this instead of working.

My models are wearing, between them, LadyFrontbum's Busty St. Claire and Jack and Jill skins, as well as HystericalParoxysm's TS3 Skin Replacements (male); and -Shady-'s Multicolour Eyes (them being the only bit of the faces you can see...).

The girl (yes, it's a girl) in the Frankenstein mask is wearing HystericalParoxysm's Nouk Sport Hair, the blonde girl is wearing Anubis360's Nouk Side Braid, the redheaded witch is wearing a hat by Parsimonious Kate (and, in one pic, earrings by Annihilation), and old Mrs. Waxy is wearing oepu's Simple Wavy Hair. Anything else you don't recognise is from the Store.

The awesome starry sky and non-radioactive nighttime lighting is achieved with the help of dDefinder's awesome Outdoor Lighting Tweaks mod. I've also used Photoshop brushes by Obsidian Dawn (stitches and sutures) and Photoshopweb.