The Water Barrel Shower - UPDATED! 09/16/11 - Version 3!

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Uploaded: 3rd Nov 2010 at 7:59 PM
Updated: 26th Jan 2013 at 12:01 AM
Another new development!!! The wonderful Raynuss has made my water barrel shower recolorable!!!
You can find some recolors for it here

I have attached another version of this shower for those who seem to be having problems with the original crashing their game. This new version is IDENTICAL to the original except that it has it's own GUID and that it was created in a base game and UNI EP SimPE only! I thought I had done that with the original, but it has been to long ago to know for sure, so I bring you version 2!
If you are using the original without any problems, GREAT!!! No need to re-DL! But if you were having problems with the 1st one, then try this one, TheWaterBarrelShowerV.2_byG-Knee.rar. Hopefully this one will work for you, if not....???

I have edited the textures, but some of the attached pictures have not all been updated.

Are your medieval sims tired of soaking in a tub? Are your men too 'manly' for a bubble bath? Well, here's your answer...The Water Barrel Shower!

The shower is technically one (1) square, but in appearances, it is actually two (2) squares. It goes thru the wall and a good portion of it will hang out into another room...but to "fill" your barrel, you would need this access, right?

If this hang over bothers you, you could always build a small closet around your barrel. You will notice in the pictures that it doesn't effect the use of this other room's square.

I used the "Strut Your Stuff Communal Shower" from University as a base, so most likely you will need at least this EP. I have all EPs/SPs, so let me know.

Polygon Counts:
Vertices: 1261
Faces: 916

Additional Credits:
I want to give credit to Phervers for his keg. It was what I started with to make this shower. Thanks to StephSim for the wonderful wall coverings from her hovels, and to Sophie-David for his advice and help. Also to Marvine and Warlokk for the shapes of the models. The female's hair is from PeggyZone and the male's hair is from Raonjena.