[24/10] AMB Community Lots Auto Placement Fix + Add Other Lots (Compatible with Patch 1.63-1.67)

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Uploaded: 5th Nov 2010 at 3:11 PM
Updated: 13th Apr 2014 at 8:25 AM
24-10-2013 Compatible with Patch 1.63.

Ever wonder why do the consignment store in Sunset Valley or Riverview facing at wrong side of the road?

Do you ever feel that why the lots used by some EP2 community lots like Fire Station or Junkyard are too large for its buiding?

Are you tired that each time you start a new game on Sunset Valley or Riverview, you have to move or change its angle some EP2 community lots for a better view in your neighborhood?

Yes, me too. I am so annoyed by this problem for long time, so I take a look at GameplayData package file and I find this file called AutoVenuePlacementXML. inside this file, there are entries for EP2 comm lots auto placement for each neighborhood (Sunset Valley, Riverview, Barnacle Bay, and Bridgeport (no Twinbrook because it already have EP2 comm lots itself built-in)). So I changed some of comm lots' address and rotation angle for better view (for me of course).

Changes: auto placement of EP2 Comm lots to this location
Sunset Valley:
ConsignmentStore 18 Maywood Lane (90)
FireStation 99 Landgraab Ave (Auto)
Junkyard 2200 Pinochle Point (270)
Salon 9 Sun Song Ave (270)

ConsignmentStore 303 Cypress Lane (270) (Patch 1.38 use the same value as mine)
FireStation 275 Cotton Branch Drive (Auto)
Junkyard 150 Ely Road (270)
Salon 451 Riverview Road (Auto)

Twinbrook: nothing changed, as the lots already built-in
Barnacle Bay: nothing changed, as I noticed nothing wrong with the default placement
Bridgeport: nothing changed, as I noticed nothing wrong with the default placement and also there are limited spaces in Bridgeport

Hidden Springs:
ConsignmentStore 22 Subalpine Cir (270)
FireStation 52 Bristlecone Way (0)
Junkyard 6 Subalpine Cir (270) (reverted to default because EP7 adds PotionShopConsignmentStore )
Salon 7 Ponderosa ave (90) (reverted to default because EP6 adds Bistro)

Appaloosa Plains: nothing changed, as I noticed nothing wrong with the default placement
Starlight Shores: nothing changed, as I noticed nothing wrong with the default placement
Moonlight Falls: nothing changed, as I noticed nothing wrong with the default placement

Changes: adds the following lots to auto place in this location
Sunset Valley:
Laundromat 2450 Pinochle Point (Auto)
Dog Park 2350 Pinochle Point (Auto) (moved because EP6 adds BigPark)
Cat Jungle 2300 Pinochle Point (Auto) (moved because Dog Park move to new location)

Laundromat 100 Ely Road (270)
Horse Ranch 200 Ely Road (Auto)
Dog Park 25 Hidden Grove Lane (Auto)
Cat Jungle 35 Hidden Grove Lane (Auto)

Dog Park 178 Savannah Lane (Auto)
Cat Jungle 174 Savannah Lane (180)

Barnacle Bay:
Laundromat 27 Coral Flats (270)
Dog Park 35 Old Fisherman's Pass (Auto)
Cat Jungle 41 Old Fisherman's Pass (Auto)

Brigdeport: nothing to add.

Hidden Springs:
Laundromat 9 Azure Lake Ave (90)
Dog Park 9 Diopside Lane (Auto)
Cat Jungle 64 Subalpine Blvd (180)

Appaloosa Plains:
Laundromat 70 Rachelle Lane (Auto)

Starlight Shores: no need as most lots are already there.
Moonlight Falls: no need as most lots are already there.

Only use one file, as they conflict each other.

It took many hours for me to testing this through a lot of trial & error. In the end, I so satified with the result. So I hope you guys like it too.


Sunset Valley before changes

Sunset Valley after changes

Just put the package file into your Mods\Packages folder.
And start a new game. This mod doesn't effect on existing neighborhood (you must manually change it yourself using Edit Town mode)

Peter L. Jones for s3pe.